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Yang Mi small glutinous rice box is not the sun baby can they get very happy star sun baby saying entertainment stars after marriage, have embarked on the road to abuse a dog back; after the crystallization of love, and set foot on the road of the sun baby to extricate themselves. At leisure and wave of dog food, sun wave of adorable baby photos, minutes and boarded the hot search. But a pair of clean: Yang Mi and Hawick Lau, since two years ago have small glutinous rice, with little box to show affection, break up rumors already appeared N times, Yang Mi is never too small glutinous rice drying photos. Every appearance public can not escape "if you do not love your daughter" when pressed, the mother tired! Yang Mi, but recently in the school season, Yang Mi and small glutinous rice finally with the box! Recently, Yang Mi and Hawick Lau was photographed with her mother to send small glutinous rice on the school, looks very close: Yang Mi and Hawick Lau’s mother media asked Yang Mi whether her little sticky love to go to school, Yang Mi said: "she has now won’t cry." Yang Mi said her daughter had a good time in kindergarten: wait a minute, I have time to come back to pick her up." Yang Mi and her daughter seems fans worry is superfluous ah, mother-in-law harmony, mother daughter this box is not very good? And most of the star mom is different, Yang Mi is a typical workaholic, the basic will not open the sun baby. The media has been accused of "irresponsible" hat. The day before the media reported that from small glutinous rice nursery, Hawick Lau and Yang Mi did not attend, said Yang Mi did not go to Hongkong to attend the baby’s first graduation ceremony". But Yang Mi back to God: small glutinous rice has not been in kindergarten ah!" Yang Mi to respond to rumors also in June 1st, Yang Mi came to Hongkong for the daughter birthday, but stay just half days, from Hongkong. Users also regret emotion: Yang Mi good busy, poor daughter." Yang Mi appeared in Hongkong for her daughter birthday May the media exposure of a small photo of glutinous rice, glutinous rice is buttoned up the small "long gone without parents smile". In addition to the rumors, basically no one had seen Yang Mi and the children of the home of what looks like Hawick Lau. In addition to tell the world that we do parents, what kind of children is No comment.. But there is nothing wrong with this, although Yang Mi does not sun baby, but also repeatedly said: I hope the daughter will not be disturbed. Personally, what the program will not record! Yang Mi did not bring her daughter recorded program Yang Mi hope that her daughter was not disturbed children’s growth is crucial, given their high exposure, causing the crowd is not necessarily a good sight. In contrast, Yang Mi’s super child protection awareness should be able to be understood by fans. Yang Mi, though not drying baby, fans do not lose. Because more hot moms are still on the way to stop drying baby! These stars do the parents, people doubt that the phone is not inside the baby’s photos? The actor who did not say, Jimmy Lin Deng Chao Jia Nailiang three super daddy basic long-term screen. The actress, fancy is the sun baby race each other! Along with the hospital’s loudest roar ", Tang Wei’s life has entered the ranks of the hot mom, gave birth to her daughter’s soup)相关的主题文章: