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Work time in office feast was exposed Hangzhou notified 8 cases of discipline cases – Beijing, Beijing, September 12 Hangzhou Xinhua (trainee reporter Chen Lisha) new violations make arrangements for the housewarming party and used his powers to the village committee cadres to work in time to help make arrangements for the invitation, accepting illegal gift card, illegal payment of allowances and subsidies and welfare…… Mid Autumn Festival approaching, 12, Hangzhou style office informed of this year’s investigation of the violation of the provisions of the spirit of the central provisions of the typical problems of the eight. Hangzhou Municipal Bureau of ethnic and religious affairs researcher Liu Chengsong illegal accepting gift cards. Since 2012 until February 2016, Liu Chengsong use his position to facilitate the number of regulatory services received by the supermarket recharge card, worth a total of 6600 yuan, subject to Party warning, discipline all turned over. Chief of Hangzhou Shangcheng District Xiaoying street urban management division Xu Xiaofeng accepting illegal gift card. During the period from 2013 to 2015, Xu Xiaofeng has repeatedly received a number of job related units issued gift, supermarket prepaid card, a total value of 11000 yuan, by the party warning, administrative demerit, discipline and income all over. Hangzhou Xiaoshan Rural Commercial Bank branch president Qian Jianwei Ya before accepting illegal gift card. Since January 2014 until January 2016, his money by his office, has repeatedly received the customer to send smoke cards, supermarket cards, a total value of 16680 yuan, a serious warning by the party, discipline and income all over. Hangzhou District of Fuyang new middle school former party secretary, President Luo Qinglin accepting illegal gifts etc.. In August 2015, Luo Qinglin used his office to help the non Fuyang school Shao Moumou daughter to arrange for new high school Jie Du Shao Moumou accepting admission procedures, send two hard Chinese cigarettes and other gifts, Luo Qinglin also has other disciplinary problems, by the party a serious warning, and was removed from the new school party branch secretary, principal duties, discipline and income all paid. Taoyuan Hangzhou village Tonglu County town party secretary, the village director Yaolin housewarming party Ye Rongchang violations make arrangements for new homes. In January 2016, Ye Rongchang held a new housewarming party organization to report for 80 table wine, actually do wine for three days, a total of about 170 tables, but also the use of authority of 6 village committee cadres invited at work to help make arrangements for the banquet, adverse impact on the community, by the party a serious warning. Hangzhou Chunan County Lin Qi Zhen Yao Shan Xiang Lang Dong Cun former village director Hong Zhusheng accepting illegal gifts gifts. In January 2015, Xiang Lang Dong Cun Yao village in the implementation process of project construction, flood Zhusheng the use of his office, accepting two project for people to send cash 4000 yuan, a soft outfit Abba cigarettes, Luzhou Lao Jiao two bottles of wine, a serious warning by the party, discipline all the payment. Hangzhou City, Jiande Qiao Zhen Zi Yuan Cun Yang village, former party secretary Chen Huijuan, former village director Hu Zhiping, former village Party committee, village Commission Director Tang Shuisheng, the original village reimbursement Tang Fusheng, illegal payment of allowances and subsidies and welfare. Since February 2015, Zi Yuan Cun to the fictional resettlement households illegal methods taking huge resettlement compensation for the illegal payment of lost income subsidy of village cadres totaling 209 thousand yuan, to offset the super standard of entertainment expenses, offset the illegal use of the village collective)相关的主题文章: