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Why Sweden is the world’s highest per capita incidence of rape?   News – Sohu; office | Zhang Mengyuan UNODC has released the latest report the statistics the incidence of cases of rape in 2012, the global average is beyond all expectations, the highest incidence of the country was Sweden, has always been to peace and tranquility is known for the Nordic countries. As early as in 1996, the number of cases registered in Sweden is three times the number of cases in Europe, the average of the 35 countries, the capital of Stockholm was once called the rape of europe". In 2014, Swedish police received 6700 reports of rape, equivalent to 69 people in each of the one hundred thousand cases of rape, an increase of 11% over the previous year. But there seems to be little news about the rape case in sweden. In January this year, the media broke the scale of sexual assault incident occurred in the Stockholm Music Festival, many girls called young immigrants indecent harassment, and the Swedish police may have tried to cover up the case of suspected. Coupled with the recent suffering people tide impact, Sweden received a large number of immigrants from North Africa and the Middle East, but also the first to provide permanent residence to refugees in Syria state, let not exclusivist trying to hook up the relationship between the two. The foreign ethnic groups, "invasion" of the official crime cover suspicions, conflict and friction between different cultures, vulnerable groups are innocent harm — the high incidence of rape in Sweden, what’s going on? The incidence of rape per capita, Sweden ranks the first data source: United Nations Office on drugs and crime report 2012 first, the number of reported rape countries do horizontal comparison may not be reliable, police handling procedures and legal definition of rape caused by different, the comparison of the data is difficult to draw accurate conclusions. Swedish law has repeatedly extended the definition of rape, is one of the first countries to be included within the scope of the crime of rape, but also the world’s most broad definition of the crime of the country. In addition, the Swedish police report on rising rape, to encourage victims to report the cases, and the number of segments of the plot, and the head of each case, that is to say, a single report from the police may be recorded as a number of cases. For example, a white-collar woman is always the boss of her reluctant body friction, almost once a week, this situation lasted almost a year. This is a typical case of sexual assault in Canada, and in Germany, this is not a fundamental condition. In Sweden, however, it will be marked by 52 different rape cases. For example, a wife and her husband had sex 6 times, but afterwards she felt like a little reluctant wife, after the police report will be regarded as 6 separate rape. Does that sound like an exaggeration? The number of rapes by Sweden "inflated" another major reason is that the Swedish police crime statistics collection, after the implementation of the first confirmed process, that there is a lot of water in Sweden rape statistics, a lot of cases and then be verified simply not up to the standard of rape.   secondly, the Swedish feminist.相关的主题文章: