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Why did the cross-border acquisition of GREE failed to convince minority shareholders? Hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stocks the latest rating diagnosis simulated trading contest: national investment adviser at the client King catch demon shares of Sina Financial App: Live on-line blogger to tutor the reporter Qin Peru, cross-border acquisitions editor Quan Zeyuan GREE failed to convince shareholders. Today, the company announced at the general meeting held on Friday, there are 15 bills failed to get through the general meeting. There must be a bit of an accident, but from the voting results, the proportion of minority shareholders voted against the special high, which also shows that the program does exist a lot of controversy." An interview with this reporter interviewed broker who said. The consideration of the general meeting of shareholders is the acquisition of the relevant provisions of the Zhuhai GREE silver. According to the company previously disclosed, GREE intends to price $13 billion acquisition of 100% stake in Zhuhai long silver, according to the issue price of 15.57 yuan shares, all shareholders will uplift to Bank of Zhuhai issued a total of about 835 million shares, the company also intends to the same price of non-public offering of shares not more than 9 billion 700 million yuan to raise matching funds for Zhuhai silver long construction projects, including the issue of the object of GREE group company, ESOP, Guangdong JETCO Investment Holding Group Co., Ltd. 8 specific objects. The participation of the shareholders’ meeting is quite high. According to reports, the 5141 shareholders of the vote through the scene and the Internet, representing shares of the shares of the company, accounting for the total shares of the listed company of 54.2% of the total number of shares of the company’s total of 3 billion 260 million. One can be compared to the data, the three Quarterly Bulletin revealed on the same day GREE, the company’s total stake in the top ten shareholders of the ratio of 37.46%. As a high-quality blue chip, GREE’s shareholders have a number of institutions, they may not enter the top ten list of shareholders, but the stock is not low." Aforementioned brokerage analysts, it is the final result of these institutional shareholders around the vote. "Some motion was eventually not, the surface, is mainly involved in related party transactions, large shareholders to abstain from voting, but overall, even those who passed the bill, ratio of votes are about 70%, part of the motion of the vote even only 66.9%, is forced by." The broker said that the company executives may not have thought that small and medium shareholders will be so focused against. Through the "bill 2.01" as an example, the overall vote of 2 billion 182 million shares, accounting for 66.96%, against the 818 million shares, 258 million shares abstained, including against and no abstentions by small investors cast, votes in 550 million of shares from investors, "the top two shareholders 1 billion 632 million shares cast votes but some could not carry, the vote of minority shareholders too much, but the attitude is very clear." Why small shareholders vote against? The price is certainly one reason, 15.57 yuan per share, equivalent to the current share price hit by the company, the company is almost the lowest price in recent years, much lower than the cost of ownership of many institutions, such as the." A person in charge of the agency told this reporter. Theory of the organization相关的主题文章: