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When will the hand cut off campus pollution? – the average volume of up to 87 dB, students in the roar of the machine in the class? Note: sheep Xuncheng found some primary and secondary schools and kindergartens surrounding pollution is an ambush surrounded by campus is a pure land, but in recent years, some of Guangzhou’s primary and secondary schools and kindergartens are often brutally murderous". Since the beginning of this year, much attention to the campus poison runway, also appeared in Guangzhou, more than primary and secondary schools, kindergartens. Attention compared to the "poison runway", noise, odor, waste gas, dust and other pollution poison was seldom reported in primary and secondary schools in Guangzhou campus, teachers and students suffering, but also can only suffer in silence". Nearly a year ago, the Guangzhou Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau Joint Education Bureau set up a special rectification team, although initial success, but the campus poisoning incident still occurs frequently. Yangcheng Evening News this week, the topic of concern, Guangzhou primary and secondary schools, kindergarten campus pollution incident, you are welcome to reflect the campus pollution around us to explore the decontamination recipe. Noise pollution: the machine roared over the lecture, "Mom, I can’t hear clearly what the teacher said." Small often to her mother Ms. Huang complained, Ms. Huang lived in Qixinggang Industrial Zone, in the vicinity of the kindergarten reading daughter lotte. The first half of the term, can often reflect the kindergarten with her mother quarrel, Ms. Huang went to kindergarten teacher teacher complaints, only that is next to the noise from the factory, "we have no way, can not let others down". The day before, the reporter went to the Lotte kindergarten, the kindergarten is located in the hinterland of Qixinggang industrial zone. Near the leather factory, shoe factory, hardware equipment factory in the industrial zone of the main road Qixinggang road from kindergarten through the door. Vehicles to trucks are roaring thunder and shrill whistle sound, noise testing software testing reporter at the school gate, the average volume of 87 db. Medical research shows that more than 70 dB noise will interfere with the conversation, causing upset, mental concentration, affecting learning efficiency. The noise source Lotte kindergarten, more factories and from the wall. Reporters noted that Lotte kindergarten next to Guangzhou Yahua printing limited liability company, the roar of 50 meters away can hear the printing machine. The factory opened the window four, while Lotte kindergarten in order to prevent noise, the factory near the side of the window is perennial closed, but still of no avail. The roar of the printing press, still covered the teacher’s lecture. Also suffering from noise harassment as well as seventy-third secondary schools in Guangzhou, located in the town of people and the town of seventy-three, less than six km away from the Baiyun airport line, just below the route. Every day more than seventy-three aircraft from over the roaring, more deadly is the takeoff and landing, from the ground near, the noise increases exponentially. Seventy-three, a teacher told reporters that the school is trying to solve this problem, the classroom doors and windows to install sound insulation. In addition, the overall plan to move out of the airport noise zone. Odor pollution: smell lingering fresh agent in Pui Pui experimental secondary school students, will carry a bottle of perfume spray. "Deodorant must-have",.相关的主题文章: