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Walk over 30 thousand step rail pocketing the police 7 days a pickpocket more than 50 National Day holiday vacation for seven days every day, passengers packed every day and to all the rail station. The passengers behind, there is a group of invisible guardian, Shanghai rail Corps police fanpa. The National Day holiday, more than 30 police Fanpa Corps rail 7 days a week, 14 hours a day of fighting in the frontline in Shanghai Fanpa, rail stations and bus lines, more than 50 pickpockets arrested. Every day to walk half a marathon in October 2nd at 9 am, a train slowly into line No. 2 people’s Square station. A white T-shirt middle-aged man into a woman in front of the passenger, the backpack opened, pulled out a rectangular wallet, almost at the same time, three plainclothes police quickly surrounded from both sides of the hand grabbed the wallet stolen…… This is the Shanghai Municipal Public Security Bureau of Criminal Investigation Detachment of a rail Corps captain Gao Tianchun and his colleagues pickpocketing suspects arrested a scene. The thief arrested in front, high Tianchun and colleagues followed by one return passenger line No. 11 from the Disney station, in line 16 to Longyang Road station for line 2, then change to line 1, line 2, and in exchange for…… Exactly with more than 3 hours, finally catch the thief. "From 7 in the morning, 8 points to 10 points, at 9, has been on the platform back and forth street, found a suspicious object with one or two hours is just to start in his homely food, instant, stolen goods and was." Gao Tianchun told reporters that during the national day, the number of micro walking he and several colleagues every day more than 30 thousand, the equivalent of a half marathon distance. "This line of work, foot are very important." Gao Tianchun said, pocketing players empirically found suspicious objects, to be able to live with, and ground Fanpa are not the same, many people in the subway door, the target in the crowd squeezed into the car door of a drill, it may never find. The longer the holiday, the more people travel, the longer the overtime." The National Day holiday, people go out to play, when friends and relatives, high Tianchun and his colleagues back and forth "on the rail line on the walk". The greater the number of passengers, the more time they have to go to work. The rail four easily stolen black jacket, black trousers, a black bag Crossbody — this is the high Tianchun most often wear work clothes "". Yesterday at 6 pm, the rail line No. 2 people’s Square Station, the reporter saw a column of black high Tianchun reclining rail station near the hall, look lazy casual, but in the eyes of pit gates and escalators not stop shooting back and forth. High Tianchun station location is very important, is at the gates, inclined to the escalator mouth, each entrant in the sweeping action look in his eyes. "Ticket, gate, elevator, car door, the ‘four’ is the most likely to be stolen, because these places have two conditions, people crowded and short stay." "You see this man, his mobile phone is simply ‘white’." What he said was a big boy with a pair of glasses. He was wearing headphones in his ears, and the earphone line was connected to the cell phone. He was holding his hand. When he was in the station, he let out his hand to brush the ticket. "The headset is like a sign that tells the thief where the target is. At this time, if there are two people with one, a block in front of the scattered attention, after相关的主题文章: