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U.S. media: Chinese people like to eat crocodile meat is actually the reason for treatment – Sohu news U.S. quartz financial network September 13th article, the original question: why do I like the crocodile meat I have been in the fight against allergic rhinitis. When I was a child, my parents had asked me to try out a prescription for allergies and rely on traditional Chinese medicine. Last year, they gave me a white broth as sticky as milkshake, said this is conducive to the respiratory system. This soup tastes like pork soup, and the meat tastes like chicken. In fact, this is the crocodile meat. Many Cantonese have tried to eat the meat, either out of curiosity or intended to use its efficacy. Africa is currently rising crocodile boom and the demand is not unrelated, 85% of the local crocodile exports to mainland China and Hong Kong and taiwan. Last year, African countries exported $196 million worth of crocodile to china. The use of crocodiles in traditional Chinese medicine can be traced back to at least the Ming Dynasty in sixteenth Century. According to the "Compendium of Materia Medica" records, crocodile meat "to benefit", can the treatment of respiratory diseases such as asthma. "My family says it’s good for health, and every one or two days, there’s a piece of alligator meat in the fridge," says Kong Minying, a 22 year old resident in Guangdong". Chinese online shopping platform to sell fresh crocodile meat claims to have the effect of treatment of asthma, the price ranging from 800 grams to $2 to $310 per kilogram. But personally, I can’t even say goodbye to my nose after eating crocodile meat. (author Huang Yinyin [sound], translated by Wang Huicong)相关的主题文章: