Twentieth army developed anti drowsy artifact like wireless headphones widcomm

The twentieth army developed like wireless headset data for anti sleepy artifact: PLA exercises Washington correspondent Yang Xihe, Li Ke reports: "do not look at the anti sleepy reminder of the humble, very useful in long-distance traffic in." In late October, the twentieth army held the training to observe the results of the meeting, a brigade of two car driver Zhang Xiaoshuan even hit off to introduce: This looks like a wireless headset similar anti sleepy reminder is very sensitive, as long as the driver appeared sleepiness symptoms, it will be "aware", and made a loud buzzing sound to remind. It is reported that a number of small innovations in the show at the meeting, the officers and men favored. Innovation can not blindly pursue tall, the focus is really useful. The brigade "to firmly establish a distinctive orientation of combat focus, based on their own innovation, has cut the number of combat training and exercises task relationship between small projects, combined with the actual in cross base training, guide the officers looking for the subject, exercises first engage in innovation. According to the process of the training, they set up the corresponding technical research team from 6 aspects, such as rapid maneuver, reconnaissance perception, command and control, fire fighting, overall protection and comprehensive support. The exposed problems in the exercise is summed up, they have revolutionized the automatic loading and unloading system, fast charging device, gun howitzer engine silencing reconnaissance vehicle device such as a number of innovations, effectively improve the army’s combat capability. A camp instructor Ma Yuanpeng found in the training, a hand throwing smoke bombs thrown closer. He organized the technical backbone of the backbone of the research, the use of air pressure, greatly improved the use of the effect of the smoke bomb. In the past, the erection of cable line soldiers are using special network car, but the car is not only the traditional network line of low efficiency, but also prone to failure, such as shaft winding line. To solve this problem, the brigade organization technology research group of bold innovation, innovation of the "T" shaped hand line is simple and easy to use, light weight, greatly improving the efficiency of the cable line soldiers, artillery command and communications significantly shorten the time.相关的主题文章: