This time, the reason why Terry Gou failed yo te amo

This time, Terry Gou why he reported yesterday, Nandu famous Taiwan Terry Gou heart of the homeland in 2006 had donated tens of millions of home help the new rural construction, the money is spent, but people have in disorderly fashion. From the original donation has been over the past 10 years, Terry Gou home in Shanxi city of Jincheng province Zezhou County Nan Ling Xiang Ge Wan Cun, but the debt owed about 5000000 yuan, but also because of economic disputes by the court will freeze the village account. A $10 million in donations of the village, opened the business, within a few years they owe a huge debt, could not help but ponder triggered public opinion. In July 2006, Terry Gou accompanied the city, county and township level three under the leadership of Zezhou County, Jincheng City, back to its native South Ling Ge Wan Village, in the village of new rural construction in the launching ceremony, and announced a donation of 10 million yuan for the construction of new countryside to start work. In accordance with the original plan for 5 million yuan, used in the temple, three Ge Wan Cun, Guan temple, hospital, board stage, such as the construction of the archway, another 5 million yuan for 3000 pig scale pig farm construction, supporting the construction of biogas digesters. When he was director of the county office, Terry Gou is his supervisor Guo Xiaoping any donations. From the results, problems occurred mainly in the farm business, because of the construction of the village, temple, stage and other public facilities, have already completed, the restoration and construction of related results for everyone to see. But the biogas pool 5 million yuan promised became uncompleted project was conceived, biogas for cooking and saving energy to beautify the environment has not been achieved. Even, a few years ago, the pig farm was the village committee director Guo guard privately contracted to 300 thousand yuan per year to others, even if the pork market is very good, but the profit has not been able to enter the village account. The result is not satisfactory, so it will trigger the problem. But if you examine process, you will find that the use of $10 million in donations has the problems of serious norms. Whether the public facilities renovation, or farm construction and operation, the village committee director Guo Weibing does not provide design drawings, engineering budget and final accounts of the project, nor through public bidding, the withdrawal of money is to Guo County, Taiwan Affairs Office after the receipt issued. So, Terry Gou contributions to 10 million yuan, a large part of the formal invoice. Terry Gou to visit the elderly in the village, to send condolences to Kim, make contributions to the village public facilities renovation and economic development, which is typical of the traditional confucian". In an official or business or developed after homecoming, to provide some help for the village, which is the traditional society in Xian. However, Terry Gou is a typical Xian, but in the face of the village is not a traditional Confucian community. When he donated money, the villages lack sufficient mechanism to ensure the rational use of funds. Perhaps, the traditional society does not focus on transparency, but there is still a set of ethical norms urged people in the village to serve the people". But now the mechanism has been the original Ge Wan Village, disappeared. Until the problem occurs, the media from the media intervention is a modern routine. Budget open, transparent tender, public supervision and so on, these are the basic concepts of modern charitable operation. Obviously, the home of Terry Gou Ge Wan Cun, has not yet been able to fully accept the implementation of this standard alone. So, hold on to.相关的主题文章: