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These SUV have large space chassis and car performance and design! Sohu cars do not know at what time, SUV suddenly came in the popular all over the world, even had been only to Porsche sports car market also began to compromise, the Cayenne SUV in the world blossom everywhere. Today, however, the professor is not talking about pure SUV models, but the recent popular coupe SUV models. When a generation of BMW X6 listed at the beginning of the year SUV models has not now so hot, so imagine a popular body SUV much controversy, but X6 is by virtue of having better than ordinary SUV control and the car better than the space to become a level BUG, now more and more people will this move to comment BMW then go very clever, and then the way to launch its own SUV coupe. Why now coupe SUV began to emerge in the world, listen to the professor to analysis. The younger consumer groups are not in the early days of only a few cars, when many people prefer to buy a car or three cars. Today, more consumers began to choose SUV models, and now after 85 and 90 have gradually become the main consumer market. They are different from their parents, who are born with a more open mind and are more open to new things. The Coupe type SUV for the pursuit of personality of young people, has a good practicality and modeling, why not choose it? Premium pricing is not too high a lot of people will have such an idea, SUV than the same platform will have a premium car. This is set up before, so you will see a lot of independent vendors are launching their own small SUV, because they are more expensive than their own small cars, so higher profits. Just now, SUV has gradually become the background of the Red Sea, the introduction of the coupe SUV model premium is too high, I believe it will die very ugly. Compared with the SUV models, the practical reduction coupe type SUV is SUV models, its higher through and space born than cars have the advantage, so in today’s popular SUV era, young people will be more willing to consider it. Only affect the back of the head space to the other hatchback lines, making the overall after the head space of some relatively cramped. But today’s young people more often with the back is just put things, little impact. Each one has its own merits in today gradually mature configuration of automobile consumer market, consumer awareness of the car has more understanding, in the process of Car Buying more difficult to cheat. Although the Coupe type SUV models is still relatively new, but in today’s competitive environment, simple words hard to attract consumers. Therefore, in the configuration with the car is less, and the general formula SUV coupe with models will be equipped with four-wheel drive system, the car is more than. Similar powertrain SUV Coupe is generally a common platform with the car, so their powertrain changes will not be too large..相关的主题文章: