The typhoon catfish in Jiangxi with the wind take rain cooling rate will reach 8 degrees Celsius – S dataload

The typhoon "catfish" in Jiangxi with the wind take rain cooling rate will reach 8 degrees Celsius – Sohu news CNR net Nanchang on September 29th news (reporter Xie Yuansen) according to the China voice of "news" reported that the "catfish" landing in Fujian after moving to 15 to 20 kilometers per hour speed to the north west direction, left last night Fujian, Jiangxi into the territory of Ganzhou. Although the intensity has been reduced from the initial strong typhoon to tropical storm, but it has a greater impact on the greater part of Jiangxi. According to the central meteorological station monitoring, the typhoon "catfish" goes through the center of Jiangxi two Fujian province boundary in ten points last night, carrying the rain into the territory of Jiangxi Ganzhou city. Affected by the typhoon "catfish" periphery nephsystem, from 27 to begin in Jiangxi and more rainfall, windy weather appeared. Especially all day yesterday, is very messy for most people in Jiangxi, the province has aroused 5~6 level winds, local wind can reach 8, the wind blew the window whirring. In the streets of Nanchang, many people were blown eyes, also on the streets with the wind down of the leaves, many people ride electric vehicles are of great resistance against the wind. In terms of rainfall, meteorological monitoring shows that in the past 24 hours, most parts of the province of Jiangxi have moderate to heavy rain, Ganzhou, Ji’an, Fuzhou, Shangrao and other places have heavy rain, the rain Shangrao Yanshan County, the most violent, 24 hour accumulated rainfall exceeding 200 mm. Is expected today and tomorrow, Jiangxi will also encounter significant rainfall, wind, cooling process, local heavy rain, the cooling rate of up to 8 DEG C, to the public, the most intuitive feeling is "a cold autumn rain". The raging typhoon "catfish", the Jiangxi provincial flood control headquarters has launched four emergency flood response. Nanchang Railway Bureau outage 28, 29 days, a total of 266 passenger trains in the past two days, and arrangements for emergency personnel inspection, strengthening circuit lines to ensure that the signal equipment in good condition. Jiangxi provincial Civil Affairs Department has launched a provincial disaster early warning response, issued an emergency notice requirements, forecast the cumulative rainfall in the larger Ganzhou, Fuzhou, Ji’an, Pingxiang, Yichun and other places to advance the deployment, early warning, early prevention. To reduce the harm of climate change, Jiangxi province Disaster Reduction Committee, the Civil Affairs Department urged all localities to strengthen emergency duty, especially in advance to arrange the holiday on duty, the key to implement the 24 hours on duty and leadership with a class system, pay close attention to the typhoon moving path, issued the warning information in a timely manner, and strive to minimize damage caused by the typhoon.相关的主题文章: