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The store recommended diets to the string line – Sohu like food and drink, see on TV the night canteen it Business Hours begins at 17 in the afternoon, is located on the 1801 opposite, the definition of a word of the night. This material is on the canteen stores in the snack bar neatly arranged in a series of Japanese wine, table, stool, dark elements, and the typical Japanese red lanterns, classic Japanese samurai, a source of food on is a good way of life I warrior in Medieval Japanese warrior can eat skewers only qualified and all that time to eat skewers to indicate their status should not be underestimated at that time is a class to show off and now some people in the luxury car diamond is a reason I China skewer. Love… All men are brothers how discrimination the… Each table will have a heating device close to the skewer aside talk will not bear to eat in the above Heart strings are cool off and affect the taste to recommend a fish flower Udon eating fish flower embellishment in the basic Udon surface. Udon’s whole face is very elastic. Without the slightest neglect speculation in the process. Not too loose. The ratio of good tasty delicious sauce Bacon rice set food and the whole egg Steamed Rice distinguish obviously, and can freely eat Bacon’s taste, not too greasy Korean seafood pot is a daily feed store, this dish fusion Korean approach. Shrimp. Squid. Taro, tofu and other material very much, not only to maintain the taste of Korean style, and on the material of fresh, delicious grilled shrimp must be red. A saw is shrimp, the first feeling is taste should be very chai. Unexpected surprise. The taste of fresh, sensual very silky. One is only 8 yuan, is absolutely worth sashimi assorted cold dishes salmon slice, sweet shrimp, fukanganbei. And so on, a price of only 88, good ingredients, with the store’s special sauce and mustard, good taste. Soil steamed steamed rice to eat the basic material will be a point of soup, the integration of many ingredients, together. Taste fresh, with scallop. Use fresh shellfish, yellow butter, on the table of the oven, until Berri water after boiling, butter is basically dissolved, at this time the taste particularly sweet, Arctic Bay, taste very fresh and sweet, one after another to stop burning a crab, 16 yuan, can see very large crab, yellow is had below is the crab. Full of crab. There is a foreshadowing of Japanese sake, in the process of heating and evaporation of the wine slowly, crab meat and cheese in continuous stirring with chopsticks mix, very good. A layer of aluminum foil with a layer of golden mushroom mushroom eggplant bedding, just perfect combination. Grilled mackerel. The temperature is not slow, baked not too yellow, taste very fresh appetizer is also very worthy of recommendation oh night Chun Izakaya: 69 yuan per capita | address: Lake Road to hotels near相关的主题文章: