The opening ceremony of the second Sichuan Provincial People’s cultural and art festival held in Xic

Sichuan Province, the second Paralympic Cultural Festival opening ceremony was held in Xichang – Beijing new network in Liangshan in November 11, (He Xi Liu Meicen Tang Yan) the evening of November 11th, Sichuan Province, the second Paralympic cultural art festival opening ceremony held in Xichang city in Liangshan. The cultural festival with "self-reliance, dream" as the theme, the size of more than 1800 people attended, including Sichuan city in cultural performances and play shows representative staff, work group headquarters staff of more than 1400 people. The reporter saw at the scene of the opening ceremony, the main venue of the torch square All seats are occupied. Qiang people wearing traditional ethnic costumes, dancing, welcome friends from afar. Qiang people dressed in traditional costumes dance at the opening ceremony. Zhang Lang takes the view that "culture and art are the valuable wealth of a nation and a nation" s spiritual world." Liangshan zhouweishuji Lin Shucheng said at the opening ceremony, Sichuan Province Cultural Art Festival with excellent works of art special spread positive energy, to love the sun together chase across the spirit, Sichuan will play a unique role in the prosperity and development of cultural undertakings. Vice governor of Sichuan province Wang Minghui also said that Sichuan always adhere to the "tailored" service "as the center, formulated a series of policies and measures to promote the development of persons with disabilities, to establish and implement the nursing care for the severely disabled disabled people living subsidies, subsidies and a series of system, and 12 disabled projects into livelihood projects, benefiting 7 million 110 thousand passengers. Opening scene. Zhang Lang photo is reported that this festival will be photography, calligraphy, art, crafts, vocal music, instrumental music, dance, language (Drama essay, poetry recitation), micro film and other 9 entries. The characteristics of the individual very artistic and cultural projects to set up a special award, will showcase five years municipalities (state) disabled results of cultural development, and the network broadcasting exhibition exhibition. From November 12th onwards will be held in photography, calligraphy, art, crafts exhibition, micro film and other cities as well as the state cultural and artistic achievements exhibition. "I’m very impressed by the opening ceremony. In particular, the Leshan School of education program, all students are deaf and dumb, they jump than the professional dancers are neat, behind do not know how much to pay the hardships." Will a force before the teacher told reporters, I hope the students to receive education in the art festival, self-improvement, let them dream. (end)相关的主题文章: