The nurse for children with acupuncture treatment of 1 successful parents not beaten Panpei 23 thous

The nurse for children with acupuncture treatment of 1 successful parents not beaten Panpei 23 thousand original title: Jiangsu parents nurse assault parents sentencing Panpei 23 thousand legal network reporter Ma Chao newspaper correspondent Li Ziqing a 23 year old female nurse in a children intravenous infusion needle, not a success, it was a 25 year old mother of children the head nurse was beaten, the tablet computer Zachu 2 cm long hole. After the incident, the mother of the children were sentenced to 8 days of administrative detention Nanjing drum police, but no compensation for any loss of female nurses, even the apology did not. The "Legal Daily" reporter today from Jiangsu Province, Nanjing Gulou District People’s court was informed that the hospital of the parents of children with nurse assault case verdicts, judgments Wang Li assaulted a female nurse in parents of children with compensation for victims of female nurse Wu Min, the loss of more than 2.3 yuan. It is also reported that the defendant Wang refused to appear in court, did not entrust a defender to appear in court, so the court made a default judgment. The 22 year old girl Wu Min is a nurse at children’s Hospital of Nanjing City, in July 19th this year at 9 o’clock in the morning, Wu Min in a small patient from Anhui Xuancheng infusion vein puncture, because the child crying with the bad, causing the first puncture failed. And ready to puncture again in Wu Min, a young woman suddenly rushed into the waiting outside the therapeutic room, hold the hands of the apple tablet computer to Wu Min’s head hit, Wu Min forehead hit a length of about 2 cm deep wound, and periosteum, bleeding. After police received a report on the spot to control the young woman. After the 25 year old woman named Wang Li, Anhui Xuancheng people, she is the mother of small patients. After the incident, Wang Li was the police administrative detention for 8 days, but it failed to compensate the loss of female nurse Wu Min, also did not even bother to apologize. In August 23rd this year, Wu Min to health is infringed on the grounds that the Wang Li paper petition to Nanjing Gulou District People’s court, asked the defendant Wang Li apology, and compensation for the loss of more than 3.7 yuan. Gulou court accepted the case, in accordance with the legal procedures to the defendant Wang Li served, clearly informed her time and attention to the proceedings. Recently, the drum tower court hearing the case, but let the contractor did not expect the defendant Wang Li refused to appear in court, did not entrust others to appear in court, the court had no choice but to court. In the trial, the plaintiff Wu Min stated the prosecution reason and claim the judge to review the relevant evidence submitted by the plaintiff, which includes the parties and witnesses in Gulou police made inquiries and conversation transcripts, in these transcripts and administrative detention decision, the defendant Wang Li admitted the incident with the apple tablet computer by the plaintiff Wu Min’s head. The court held that citizens enjoy the right to life and health protection by law. If an actor infringes upon the civil rights and interests of another person due to his fault, he shall bear tort liability. The defendant child infusion is to fulfill the responsibility of nurses, the children with bad puncture success is a common phenomenon, can not be the reason to beat the plaintiff, the defendant is a reason to beat the plaintiff, rude and unreasonable behavior, at the same time there is a legal fault. The defendant’s conduct is a transgression.相关的主题文章: