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The National People’s Congress professor accused of beating hospital male nurse: the Beijing – each one sticks to his argument for the injured male nurse Zhao as Professor Peng sent to reporters a statement yesterday someone broke the news, the Department of Stomatology of Beijing Geriatric Hospital was a male nurse were wounded, the batterer is a University Professor Peng Beijing. The injured nurse Zhao recalled, because the patients registered on the waiting time is too long, and disgruntled, in his patients consoled each other hands, "pull me into the wall, causing my concussion symptoms occur". Professor Peng yesterday to respond to this, is because of the bad attitude of the nurses he snapped, he was pushing each other, not beating. At present, the police have been involved in the investigation. The nurse was hit with soothing crying yesterday morning, the Beijing Morning Post reporter saw the injured nurse Zhao Haidian District in the Department of Neurosurgery of Beijing Geriatric Hospital ward, he was lying in bed infusion, next to the instrument monitoring body. A bruised fingernail sized Zhao forehead, chest and neck on the right side there are a few obvious scratches. Zhao introduced, he is a nurse in the Department of Stomatology, we only open a consulting room on Saturday, the reception capacity is limited, a total of 7 in the morning to hang on the number, the patient Peng hung is No. 6. 9 points for a long time, he asked me what time I can see a doctor, let him wait, I didn’t look at him swearing." Zhao explained that the usual time to visit the Department of Stomatology is longer, so this situation is not uncommon. Zhao recalled, not for a while with Pengmou went into the consulting room, the doctor is to give others a doctor. "He said his toothache, when asked what the doctor can give him? I told you to come in and wait outside. He burst foul language, you picked up my collar pulled me." Xiao Zhao said, during which he had shot to the chest two times with his fist, "my white coat buttons all pulled out the whole process, I did not fight back." In the two people in the process of the dispute, there are a number of medical staff and patients to come forward to dissuade, drag and drop, he put my head against the wall." Xiao Zhao said, this feel young and strong does not matter, "unexpectedly later threw up two times, hospitalization after the concussion symptoms." The field medical staff confirmed Zhao Que had vomiting in hindsight, Zhao wife called her husband can only eat liquid food, and nurse said that the specific condition of Zhao is not clear. The professor is not pushing innocence source said Professor Peng Xinwu were beaten Pengmou Renmin University of China College of philosophy, the reporter from the official website of the school of philosophy, really see the data. Yesterday, the reporter contacted the phone to Professor Peng, he admitted that he did during the doctor with a male doctor had a dispute, but the network biography Professor beating is not true. He recalled that on Saturday morning on the home in the vicinity of toothache unbearable, Beijing Geriatric Hospital, 7 arrived in the morning, queuing, registration, waiting for nearly three hours before my turn……" Professor Peng said that more than 9 points that day, he heard the doctor has been called to row after him, but did not call him. "I ask is how to return a responsibility, the somebody else says 7 is to make an appointment ahead of schedule, so look first, let me wait again." He said he was also asked the toothache unbearable, pushed open the door. ".相关的主题文章: