The National Copyright Administration to increase the SkyDrive management especially obvious piracy imjpmig

The National Copyright Administration: to increase the SkyDrive management especially obvious piracy "we are required to strengthen the legal obligation of SkyDrive, especially obvious behavior to strengthen the management of piracy." The Eighth China Nanjing cultural and Creative Industry Fair was held in Nanjing, a gathering of industry leaders and experts and scholars of the new creative new format of the new economic forum has been concerned. At the forum, the recent sudden closure of 360 cloud disk and other series of actions, the deputy director of the National Copyright Administration of copyright management department Duan Yuping said that the Internet is not outside the law, the state will further increase the intensity of management. According to news reports, Duan Yuping said, "for the recent concern to everyone 360 close personal cloud disk, piracy and pornographic content involves the network cloud storage space bulk storage, we now SkyDrive is also required to strengthen the legal obligations, especially significant to strengthen the management of piracy." While the number of companies have announced the closure of personal cloud services or stop part of the service function of SkyDrive. In March 9th this year, SkyDrive shut down 115 part function; in March 18th, SkyDrive announced the termination of the UC storage service; in April 25th, Sina micro disc stop common user storage service; in April 26th, the thunder fast disk storage service to stop individual users; in April 28th, the Tencent has been closed on May 27th 24:00 cloud cloud "file transfer station"; in May 3rd, HUAWEI SkyDrive stop user data sharing service. In October 20th 360, micro-blog released its official through the cloud service transformation announcement said, because of the complexity of management cloud disk storage and privacy, the result can not solve the piracy problem, 360 cloud disk is transforming enterprise cloud services, and stop personal version of cloud disk, will stop uploading service in November 1, 2016, shut down the service in February 1, 2017; at present, LETV cloud disk with countries on the use of cloud disk to spread pornographic information special rectification action, has suspended the video file upload service over 5 months. Now the Baidu cloud and cloud storage function is to improve the Tencent. Previously, the 360 cloud disk announced after the transformation, Baidu SkyDrive has said it will continue to provide personal cloud storage services to users, and continue to crack down on piracy, online pornography and other content; and the Tencent micro-blog cloud official issued a document called "no matter where you have, we have been in this, to provide a safe home to your file".相关的主题文章: