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The first batch of Xiamen dialect and the examiner will be released Zhangzhou Quanzhou tone standard good Xiamen Network – Haixi morning news (reporter Xu Yuhan) Xiamen first Taiwanese proficiency test examiner will be born from here — today, in the Datong middle school, 220 people will accept the Taiwanese proficiency test. "These people will be as testers’ dialect level test" next year." Xiamen Language Work Committee Office (hereinafter referred to as the "city of China") Wang Songqing, Taiwanese proficiency test there is no examination for the open society, the personnel from the education system, culture exam system and broadcasting system, are engaged in the work of Min Nanwen. It is said that the formal, for the general public, the level of the southern dialect level test will be held in January next year. The whole interview four questions Wang Songqing said, Taiwanese proficiency test throughout the interview, similar to the Mandarin exam, exam each about 10 minutes, divided into four parts, is simply read the words of 100; situational dialogues, 20 commonly used sentence sentence; reading the passage 1 questions 1 questions to life. The dialect vocabulary in total about 20 thousand; from the 100 dialect vocabulary including food, animal and plant life, and the number of words, local customs and Practices Act of more than and 10 categories, randomly selected to the test clearly read, this part of the score of 20 points. Minnan dialect commonly used sentences in total 300 sentences, random sampling of the 5 commonly used sentences or dialogue sentences, according to the test of the southern dialect speech proficiency in order to read out, this part of the score of 20 points. With dialect reading classic works consists of 40 parts, this part of the test of consonants, vowels and tones, set standard at the same time, more testing will focus on continuous umlaut, stop practicing and intonation and fluency scores 30 points. Proposition to speak, such as candidates to introduce themselves in Minnan dialect, talk about the characteristics of the Southern food, my friends and so on, the score of 30 points. All the questions range from the completion of the "Minnan dialect level test outline", the "Outline" included 20 thousand entries, they are selected from the southern dialect of the more than 70 thousand entries, the ratio is about 25%. At the same time, the test does not score on the spot, the recording will be used, a few judges will be given after the joint hearing. Applicants are more than 30 years of age to participate in the examination today, are likely to be the future level of proficiency test. Therefore, in the original registration age, China to do the set threshold — 30 to 65 years old. Wang Songqing said that in the early days, they also organized the training of these people. Today’s test scores in 90 points and above is considered clearance. After that, they will be listening, writing, evaluation of the strengthening of training, these off all over, they can become a qualified examiner. So, these examiner examiner who is it? According to the introduction, is qualified as a "Examiner Examiner" is like the Xiamen Chinese Department of Fujian culture research in Xiamen professor Zhou Changji, 8 big coffee chairman Chen Geng such long-term commitment to the promotion of Taiwanese culture". Sha Zhangquan tone standard good people ask, Xiamen, Quanzhou, Zhangzhou branch相关的主题文章: