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The external market volatility of A shares of the Mid Autumn Festival "robbery" – Sohu securities last week A stock market performance is more strange, on the surface of four Yin and Yang, low volume restricts the market rebound, the market lack of sustained hot, especially the Shanghai Composite Index on Thursday hit a 14 year minimum amplitude records after Friday in a good message sound diving turned green, one after another fall 5 days, 10 days, 20 day moving average three points. The advent of the Mid Autumn Festival this week, the U.S. stock market crash, the market volatility in the case of the former, the mood has always been a strong hedge A shares before the market will suffer another mid autumn robbery? On Friday evening, U.S. stocks fell, and fell Tiaokong "efforts are rare in 3 months. Specifically, the Dow Jones index, S & P 500 index, the NASDAQ index fell by 2.13%, respectively, 2.45%, 2.54%, the biggest one-day decline since the British referendum this year. Germany DAX, the FTSE index and other major European stock index also fell significantly. From the weekly view, the S & P 500 index last week dropped a total of 2.4%, the highest since February 5th, the biggest weekly decline; the Dow Jones index is down 2.2% for the week, the biggest weekly decline since January 8th. NASDAQ fell 2.4% in a week, the biggest weekly decline since April 29th. This suggests that the shares of the week decline is actually a single day on Friday fell on Friday, U.S. stocks suffered duantouya down. As for the decline reasons, analysts generally believe that the Fed officials hawkish remarks and oil prices weighed on stocks. In addition, North Korea conducted a nuclear test, triggering investor unease, boosting investor sell-off of u.s.. On Friday, the FOMC has voting right has always been regarded as a dove on behalf of the Boston Fed President Eric? Rosen Glen (Eric Rosengren) sudden change of state, said in order to prevent the economy from overheating, and a threat to financial stability, there are reasonable grounds to tighten interest rates policy. The responsible person has always considered the Fed’s dovish officials, the speech behind means the Fed rate hike or interest rates have reached a consensus opinion. After Rosengren’s speech, the dollar steadily higher, 10 year bond prices rose to the highest level in the UK before the referendum. The S & P 500 index for the ten major sectors all fell, the so-called defensive sectors, namely, telecommunications and consumer goods sector led. Crude oil prices fell 2%, affecting the energy sector fell. In fact, the United States and the United States since the stock market rose since July, the U.S. stock market has hit a record high, the crash, or means to adjust the cycle of opening. U.S. and European stock markets out of 6 older cattle in 2009, during the shock but never really substantial adjustment. The world does not only rise or fall of the stock market – the United States and the United States stock market is no exception. Now the problem is that the United States and Europe stock market shock adjustment, A shares will not affect it? First, from a historical point of view, the impact of U.S. stocks on the A-share market is mainly driven by what events A. The Fed rate hike on the A shares is indeed a big uncertainty, should not be overlooked. U.S. interest rate hike is bound to have a greater impact on the RMB exchange rate, China’s central bank monetary policy, thereby affecting the liquidity of A shares. Therefore;相关的主题文章: