The central financial power division reform sail education health care and pension is central to the

The central financial power division reform sail: education health care and pension is central to the total financial Sohu central financial power division reform sail: education, health care and pension is central to the total power Xiaoxiao reporter Zhou Beijing reported in a wide-ranging powers to the central division, finally ushered in the first guidance. In August 24th, the "guidance" of the State Council on the promotion of central and local powers and expenditure responsibilities reform officially released. Views on the reform of the central finance division of powers, gives the principle of classification, clear objectives of the reform, and to develop a specific timetable. The reform reiterated to moderate strengthening of the central financial governance, Governance Division should reflect the basic public services from the scope of the incentive of local government as the initiative to reduce and regulate the central common financial governance; Governance Division disputes by the central ruling, maintain the authority of the central government. Local finance officials on twenty-first Century Economic Herald reporter said that the central finance division of powers, is the basis for tax reform, guidance on the direction is clear, should first clarify the government and market boundaries, clear government powers, to further clarify the central powers of division, after continued functions, the transfer payment can be standardized. But there are local financial officials on twenty-first Century economic news reporter, said the guiding principle is biased, the reform to the ground, the need for a large number of supporting arrangements. As for the outside world more attention, such as education, medical care and social security is central to the total power, the follow-up to the division of guidance indicates that such " the central strategic intent, the provinces (autonomous regions and municipalities) and has a geographical advantage of " management information; financial governance, is still the central and local common financial governance. This is decided by the central financial governance since the reform of the tax system in 1994, the first central powers divided opinions. The year of the central powers and expenditure division, followed so far, unclear and unreasonable problems have become increasingly prominent, urgent need to make adjustments. Such as the positioning of government functions is not clear, some of this may be provided by market regulation and social affairs, finance takes too much, while some of the basic public services should be borne by the government, financial commitment is not enough; the central and local fiscal powers and expenditure responsibilities are not reasonable, directly responsible for some of this should be the central of the transaction to take place some, should be in charge of local affairs, the central place too much to bear, do not assume the corresponding expenditure responsibilities; cross many central and local governments to provide basic public services and responsibilities overlap, shared many items etc.. Clear government and market boundaries, the first step for reform. Many analysts have pointed out that the government should hold hands, reduce government intervention in the market. Gao Peiyong, President of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Institute of Finance and economic policy on the twenty-first Century economic news reporter, said a lot of things, will eventually fall on government spending. This government decentralization three years vigorously promote, not only focus on reducing the number of project approval, decentralization of the number of administrative power, should be placed so much in the fundamental scale of government expenditure is reduced. If the cuts in government spending did not lead to decentralization, shows that there are many potential effects did not play out..相关的主题文章: