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No single tide coming what terrible – Sohu comments do not know from what time, every year in November 11th on the Internet was dubbed the "single day". On this day, some people hurry off single, some people are on "a person’s exquisite life happy and pleased with oneself. According to statistics, as of 2015, China’s single population reached 200 million, accordingly, there are public opinion that China’s fourth single tide positive incoming. According to the statistics of the Ministry of civil affairs, the number of people living alone in China rose from 6% in 1990 to about 14.6% in 2013. In fact, with the popularity of modern urban lifestyle, single tide will be more and more fierce. This is partly because of a lack of partner’s "Bachelor" may be more reluctant to enter marriage fear of marriage family. In fact, not only in Chinese society, the situation is more serious in other developed countries. Sweden, the capital of Stockholm, the proportion of single living alone up to 60%. In Japan, more than and 20 of young people in the age of about 3/4 are not in love, and only a single person in the world does not want to "take a break" from 40%". Not only that, the first marriage age for young people is also more and more big, do not care about marriage "singles" more and more. Single life has become a social trend of thought in the modern urban life. To understand the singleton, can from three aspects of physiology, psychology, social and historical interpretation, no matter from which point of the three aspects, the choice of single is "deviant". First of all, from the physiological point of view, because of the diversity of human nature through evolution, so that any kind of social and cultural norms may not be suitable for every human individual. For example, at least modern psychology and biology have found that certain genes are closely related to the individual’s desire to marry. For example, Stockholm School of Mocha Rawlins Haas? Volm (Hasse Walum) study found that a man’s body is the RS3-334 gene fragment is closely related with the individual’s wishes, the more the gene fragment has the intention to marry is also lower. Secondly, from a psychological point of view, the essence of marriage is to establish a close relationship with a partner model, and whether a person needs this intimacy depends largely on the type of attachment. Secure attachment will naturally conclude and maintain partnerships; obsessed with the attachment of the individual will continue to seek to build partnership but constantly struggling to lose the relationship of anxiety; fear of individual inner yearning for companionship, but worry from the injured and hang back. These three types of attachment individuals are willing to establish partnerships with hope. But for the alienation of the individual, he does not need companionship, neither willing to rely on others, also do not want others to rely on themselves, they enjoy their single life, and so happy and pleased with oneself. In contrast, with obvious alienation of individuals, because of various reasons, or early maternal or infant interaction, family upbringing Xunran, they all feel the close relationship between the discomfort, do not want to put themselves in the "marriage")相关的主题文章: