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The 81 year old maverick, riding a bicycle to go in the world — the Travel Channel original title: 81 year old maverick, riding a bike and walk the world if not out of town, a success at home near the early in the morning ride away 120 kilometers, nearly 80 km. What is the difference between sports and non sports? A long time to see the scriptures! A more than and 80 year old man, the old age, enjoy the happiness of a family union at home, but almost every day riding a car outside the "wandering", will arrange one or two months long ride every year, the rest of the time at home and around "". 20 years ago, he and the car’s footprint has already spread all over the domestic various provinces, the total travel has reached about 1000000 kilometers. Let him proud of is that for so many years, is a ripe old age physical remains better than many young people. He is, "a restless horse" into. Life, the horse into a person into the WeChat, like many young people every day, take the phone brush circle of friends, update the state of mind, and record the little drops of life. He said in WeChat, "a person’s life is really short, while the body is OK, to go to more places. If possible, would like to go abroad in the future." After retirement, beginning when the lone ranger almost 20 years riding all over the China "last month, I just finished riding back to Xinjiang, is ready to go to Hainan this year by the national riding, riding the headquarters of the invitation to participate in local activities." Xiang Macheng is Zhejiang Lanxi people, home is opposite in Lanxi jujube primary school plastic factory dormitory, because riding, many local people know his name. Speaking with the bicycle soon, and that was when things. Before liberation, the horse family is relatively poor, 13 years old, he left home to a pharmacy in Lishui as an apprentice. The shop owner had a son of his age, and he became a good companion. At the age of 16, the young man bought a new bicycle, so he gave the old one. Although the car is old, but as a treasure, soon learned to ride a bike, but also had an idea, I hope to be able to ride the bicycle to go see the motherland beautiful rivers and mountains of a country. 1996, 61 year old Ma Cheng retired from the Chinese medicine factory, but also opened his dream of riding a tour. After retirement is the first stop of the coveted Inner Mongolia prairie, at least a year after a short trip journey, two, now has traveled throughout all domestic provinces. Most people will choose a long ride to find a partner to facilitate mutual care on the road, and the horse into the road is always alone. "Each time out of town a few months, the young general did this time, most of the older too much, we can only walk alone." When riding alone, the family firmly opposed, after all, is so old. But he still insisted, and these years riding down in addition to encounter road punctured tires, has not met what. Finally, his wife and two sons can’t stop him. It was his wish. WeChat wrote a circle of friends and the mood to brush the lives of young people like the tide into the two items of the notebook, which is his baby, he is riding a million real witness. Every time travel long ride, will keep a notebook in your luggage)相关的主题文章: