Syria government forces make progress in Aleppo shiyang

The government of Syria in the progress of the original title in Aleppo: the government of Syria in the progress of the Xinhua news agency in Damascus on 12 November, in Aleppo (reporter Yang Zhen) Syria 12 government troops in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo to make progress, to recover the two important area is located in the western suburbs of the city. According to Syria news agency reported that the Syrian government forces in support of the Allies fully recovered is located in the western suburbs of Aleppo City, Assad district and city town, killing dozens of rebels belonging to the "conquering army" militants, and destroyed a large number of weapons and equipment. The two days ago by the rebels in the onslaught, the Syrian army had lost control of some areas. In October 28th, including the extremist organization "conquer front", many rebels from Aleppo city to the west of the Syrian army launched a major offensive in control area, to break the siege of the Syrian army militants in eastern Aleppo city. The Syria government and the Russian military in late October and early November in Aleppo City unilaterally to implement the two "humanitarian temporary ceasefire", in order to be trapped in the eastern region of Aleppo civilians and rebels evacuated. But only a handful of armed men and civilians were evacuated during the ceasefire. After the end of the cease-fire, the Syrian government forces and anti-government armed conflict broke out again and showed the potential stalemate. (end) editor: Liu Debin SN222相关的主题文章: