State Grid Chairman the establishment of an independent sales company ravbin

Chairman of the State Grid are: the establishment of an independent electricity sales company in the global energy industry the highest level of "international energy reform forum", the national Power Grid Corp chairman, party secretary Shu Yinbiao said that the national grid is very welcome private enterprises to participate in the new distribution business, while the national electric network set up a separate sale of electricity company (work) is also in progress, and the company it will continue to further internationalization strategy. According to the first financial daily news in October 30th, he said, "is an important content of power mechanism in the reform of the new distribution business in our country, the relevant departments in the formulation of the promotion plan, the national Power Grid Corp firm support, also welcome the involvement of private enterprises." Also mentioned in the distribution network has just been issued, in accordance with the control system of middle and open ends, combined with the electricity transmission and distribution reform and power market construction, orderly liberalization of distribution network business, encourage social capital investment, construction and operation of the incremental distribution network through competition, innovation, service to provide users with safe, convenient and quick. In addition, the State encourages social capital to actively participate in the incremental distribution network business, through market competition to determine the main investment. Business investment in social capital increment distribution network and is responsible for operational management, shall comply with the relevant technical specifications in the national standard, to obtain a reasonable return on investment at the same time, to fulfill the security and reliability of power supply, power supply and guarantee social universal service obligations. Just out of the sale of electricity to put the sale of electricity, the total assets of the company shall not be less than 20 million yuan; the sale of electricity companies with total assets of 20 million yuan to 100 million yuan, can be engaged in the sale of electricity is not more than 600 million years to 3 billion kwh of electricity sales business; total assets of 100 million yuan to 200 million yuan, can be engaged in electricity sales 3 billion to 6 billion kwh of electricity sales business; total assets of more than 200 million yuan, does not limit the sale of electricity. Asked if the State Grid could set up an independent sales company, Shu Yinbiao replied, "this is also in progress." National Grid’s international strategy, overseas acquisitions, Shu Yinbiao said, "internationalization has become the important part of the strategy of national Power Grid Corp, we will continue to accelerate the pace of internationalization, to seek cooperation in some countries." In September 2nd this year, the national Power Grid Corp and Brazil kamagua group in Shanghai signed the equity purchase agreement, the formal acquisition of Brazil Brazil CPFL kamagua group holds 23.6% stake in the company, the acquisition will spend 29 billion reais (about 60 billion yuan), the acquisition is completed, the national grid of CPFL Holdings is expected to reach 68%. CPFL is Brazil’s third largest power company, power distribution business accounted for 13% share in the distribution market in Brazil; the field of power generation, CPFL is also the Brazil power installed capacity of second large private enterprises, as of the end of 2015, the installed capacity of 3100MW, the target by 2018 to reach 3300MW. Then, there is news that the national grid intends to 320 million euros (about $349 million) to buy Greek grid operators ADMIE24% stake. In the bidding, the State Grid is the highest bidder. Up to now, the national grid has not been on the acquisition of public.相关的主题文章: