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Silver suspect wife: the last two or three months he had several sleepless nights original title: talk to reporters suspect high Chengyong wife Zhang Qingfeng: the last two or three months of   he had several sleepless nights 28 year old Baiyin serial killer was unsolved cracked, destined to shake the country. Over the years, netizens repeated inference Baiyin suspected serial killer images are hostile to women, perverted, introvert, unsociable and eccentric. This is the eyes of the villagers that filial piety, sedate, silent little language seems to be out of tune with Gao Chengyong. Their family and friends were "very surprised" and even "unbelievable."". In fact, Gao Chengyong is not calm in the end, the high Chengyong wife Zhang Qingfeng said, in March this year, the Ministry of public security to carry out difficult backlog crucial action after Gao Chengyong had abnormal reaction. After the blood pumping become absent-minded does not love to go out in August 28th before dawn, Gao Chengyong’s wife Zhang Qingfeng hired a car to Baiyin Industrial school student services within the Department of living supplies and furniture. Something trivial, she was pulled twice. For the past two years, she and her husband, Gao Chengyong, have been living here. "In the outside world for many years, no fixed home in this city, I put this shop inventory down, also be regarded as a fixed home." Gao Chengyong’s wife Zhang Qingfeng still cannot imagine, and they lived together for 30 years. Her husband is "killing spree". "It is unacceptable." Zhang Qingfeng hoped the news was false. But think of ten days ago, the police to her husband blood, said to do DNA contrast, Gao Chengyong flustered eyes and after a series of abnormal reaction, so she had to believe. He was arrested, published photos or he." In addition to Zhang Qingfeng is confused and scared. She suddenly felt that I do not know the high Chengyong, the bed with her 30 years man, suddenly become strange and terrifying. "The day after the blood, he seems to be absent-minded, eating at night when the hand shaking a bit, I was worried that he was ill, and asked him why, he said nothing, may be moving things during the day tired, I do not care." Zhang Qingfeng said, before this, have been steady appearance husband in the last two or three months, there are times to toss about all night insomnia, can’t sleep. In fact, since the Internet to see the Ministry of Public Security launched difficult backlog crucial action, Gansu province decided to start the silver serial murder detection again after the news, Gao Chengyong is not out of love. "Sometimes, I was so busy that he had to go out and change or purchase, he was too lazy to go to bed on the bed," said Zhang Qingfeng, who had never done this before. He sometimes goes out for a week after marriage, or a few days to go home, and now think of it, he went out to commit the crime. "When he came back, he didn’t say anything, and he didn’t respond. But this time is not the same, often absent-minded, as if there are concerns, and sometimes I ask more, he said to be tired, or want to baby." At that moment Gao Chengyong was arrested, Zhang Qingfeng surprised her husband has not meddlesome police will be captured, why. Completely unaware of the Zhang Qingfeng was eventually the continuous explosion of the new kernel network相关的主题文章: