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Shirley Dai exposed to the mysterious husband parents pay – Entertainment Sohu Shirley Dai broke the "mysterious husband" Sohu entertainment news from Shanghai film and television actor Shirley Dai and director Zhu Zhen guest "Crazy" refrigerator, sharing, nurse experience upgrade when daddy. Raise children Zhimu hard ", has been watching the 100 day daughter Ann Xin, Shirley Dai more grateful to my parents for their care. With her mother Shirley Dai into the crew filming, usually bring mom into the group, in order to give his opponent and the actors "kaixiaozao". Shirley Dai explained, not hypocritical, their "mother treasure", but had to eat lunch crew collective poisoning experience, so pay more attention to food safety, "and I have a body is not very good, can only eat in the blood in the urine, conditioning". Shirley Dai has worked with many men of God, and know their preferences in the diet: "Nicky Wu loves my mother’s love to eat noodles, Lu Yi Braised pork in brown sauce one day, but he said he couldn’t eat any more, want to control weight." In fact, Shirley Dai has a thin trouble, she loves sweets once weight to 115 pounds, "my mother asked me if I don’t want to do it, she said that if she saw me this body actress on television, will certainly change the station". Sometimes the "tongue" is the true love, Shirley Dai has deep feelings. In order to thank the mother to pay, Shirley Dai paycheck is always hit the mother card, "all the money I earn is my mother". My father is one of the most strong man father, he will not seriously told Shirley Dai, want to eat cold summer smooth themselves out of work; also can be in when the sick daughter silently behind her back a step toward the Zijin Mountain, in order not to let her miss the crew interview; he will be at the bus station to 100 meters acceleration the way Shirley Dai rushed to the front, because on the way to see her daughter’s favorite milk grape, for fear of late with the crew of the car…… A few years ago, his father was diagnosed with stomach cancer, Shirley Dai still remember the scene that: "my father suddenly said that he wanted to play mahjong, he usually does not love to play. We sat down and played for a long time, my dad had been, and he was happy. Finally, he stood up and put the hospital diagnosis on the table, said with a smile: ‘baby I may not be able to accompany you for a long time, but you must be strong Actually, my dad is the strongest man in the world." "The mysterious husband" very honest married, Shirley Dai is very low-key, even a lot of people don’t know who she is mr.. "He’s a friend of the investor who’s been chasing me for 10 years." The father’s illness became two people married opportunity, "my dad surgery incision problems, need surgery again. When I was filming, don’t come back, he helped my father in the hospital the excrement urine, everyone thought it was his son, in fact I haven’t established a relationship". The man who saw Shirley Dai’s husband said that he was an honest man. Zhu Zhen smiled and said: "I help Shirley Dai presided over an Xin hundred days feast, please her husband to say a few words, he said:" the results we Chihaohehao Caution! Home. "" Shirley Dai broke the news the first time to see her husband, he was nervous have been breaking nails: because he has a thumb nail, he does not want to?相关的主题文章: