Shenzhen hi tech fair first robot wounding the injured were carried away! – Sohu Technology tokyo hot n0476

Shenzhen hi tech fair first robot wounding: the injured were carried away! Sohu, science and technology under the watchful eyes of the people, the fair on 2016 (16-21 November) xiaopang robot exhibition, causing the fair first attack, the scene, the glass scattered, noisy, visitors have shouted "robot trouble". It is a little robot in unmanned, autonomous action occurred vandalism: its own movement broke the glass exhibition scene, and the injured passers-by, now injured have been stretchers. At present, the chubby robot why this happens is not up to the standard of technical failure, or the company’s speculation, is still unknown. But in the show superb technology fair, the "injured incident", "speculation" the cost is too high. Have to say, as a "dedicated to the children of 4-12 research and development of educational function" of the robot, the fat is too large, "lethal bursting", ask it to accompany the child, is very worrying. Have to say, this was a chubby robot at ah! For more information, please pay attention to WeChat: a cow Online相关的主题文章: