Shandong Province in 2016 Specialist (vocational) enrollment second qualifying line ca4111

Shandong Province in 2016 College (vocational) enrolled second round qualification line in September 19th, sina Shandong in Shandong provincial education entrance examination learned, Shandong Provincial Institute of education entrance examination in Shandong Province in 2016 announced a specialist (vocational) to register for the second round of qualification line. One summer, science of art science and liberal arts college entrance examination was two, the spring college entrance examination category code of professional qualification line of agriculture and forestry animal husbandry, fruit and vegetable category mining technology of civil machinery electromechanical integration of electrical and electronic chemical clothing automotive information technology medical care business secretarial service cooking tourism service preschool education notes: 1, vocational special plan (spring and summer college entrance examination) from cultural grades. 2, the spring college entrance examination skills talents from cultural grades. 3, the spring college entrance examination in the 01 agriculture, forestry and fruits and vegetables, the 12 medicine, the 13 nursing, the 16 cooking, preschool education of the five categories of professional qualifications have changed line of 19. "" more "Shandong entrance" news: Please click on the 2016 Shandong college entrance examination online will "merit"相关的主题文章: