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Self report found no places dozens of students and parents receive admission notice does not cover Audit University official September 18th, Nanjing Audit University to more "self-taught" Weipei professional day school of education, but the Nanjing business school in the Northern Wei Lu Chen audit school the other day, failed to report. Similar to her encounter with a number of ten students, including students from abroad. So, do they still learn? The report said, why suddenly change? The report excitedly came off the air Chen told reporters, she attended the Nanjing business school is located in the Phoenix Street, is currently a college degree, belonging to the "3+2" mode, the end of the 5 years after their learning, many students have chosen to professional counterparts in the colleges and universities continue to read undergraduate course. In accordance with the original enrollment situation, their counterparts in the two colleges and universities, Nanjing University of Finances and Economics and Nanjing audit university. Chen said, South Campus property is far away, so she decided to attend university audit. She is September 1st to audit the University of North Wei Road Campus Library room 104 registration, then she also worried that there will be a little late, the registration of people say "can report". Chen asked over the registration fee, the other said to school together. "We can’t delay our future." Chen said, they’re so sure, they did not find other schools. But on the 18 day when they come to report, dozens of students and parents are waiting for the report, the results are not reported on the leng. "The answer we get is that people are full. Others can only help introduce to other schools." Chen said there is no stamp on the letter of admission, she understood the situation last year also had, for not letting you go, the first people around. "If there are more people in the back, throw you away!" In the interview, the modern express reporter learned that Nanjing finance school a student’s parents Ms. Zhang is September 5th to give his name, and got the admission notice, saying: "what meet the conditions of our school full-time self-study examination of higher education professional, the school agreed to financial accounting and auditing profession two years of undergraduate study." But a closer look found that the notice did not cover the official seal of the University audit. In another three party agreement, there is an audit of the University seal. According to the three party agreement, in fact, is responsible for the occupation training school enrollment by diving in Nanjing City, the school commissioned by the Nanjing University College of education is responsible for the audit to recruit education students. The school said the campus functions to reduce enrollment yesterday morning, the name of a college of education to South trial where the vice president explained that before the Northern Wei South trial Road Campus is mainly to the College of continuing education, but this year they received notice, the next step may be used as a science and Technology Park campus, the school enrollment plan due to limited resources, reduced. Where the vice president also said that the south of wealth, etc. can self professional placement, they will help coordinate the matter. Modern Express reporter also found the occupation training school Nanjing Yuyue staff, for the "excess enrollment", they said their photo相关的主题文章: