Samsung machine sea strategy war apple Will launch a new series of on8

Samsung machine sea strategy war apple? On8 Samsung will launch a new series of machine sea offensive menacing, at the beginning of October is likely to launch GALAXY On8, then GALAXY is C9 and W2017 debut nouveau riche flip machine, and in December 2017 GALAXY A9 will meet with us. Tencent digital news (blue) near the end of the year at the end of the year, Samsung seems to prepare a variety of new machines to seize the market. The day before, after the Samsung GALAXY On7 in the country officially on sale, from India electricity supplier Flipkart disclosure of relevant information and for the first time, Samsung GALAXY On8, reportedly will use Super AMOLED display and the metal frame design. At the same time, there are users in the micro-blog broke the news that the 2017 Samsung GALAXY A9 has been fully equipped for, is expected to be launched in December this year, and there are GALAXY C9 and we meet in October or November will. GALAXY On8 Samsung GALAXY On8 exposure of the news from the India electricity supplier Flipkart, in the release of the preheat page, the word "#TheNextON" at the same time, special thanks to the bottom of the page, it is the first time to mark the Samsung GALAXY On8 which is a new type, it also meant that the new machine will soon officially release. At the same time, the electricity supplier in India also confirmed that the Samsung GALAXY On8 will use the 1080p resolution of Super Full HD AMOLED display, and the use of metal frame and 2.5D curved glass design, but in other specifications configuration is no more information. However, taking into account the Samsung GALAXY On 7 current configuration, the Samsung GALAXY On8 is expected to be equipped with 652 Xiaolong processor and memory upgrade to 4GB, may be the official debut in early October, but it is unclear whether it will be available for sale in the domestic market. December push the new A9 not only that, Samsung also plans to complete by the end of the year, including the GALAXY A series and GALAXY C series models replacement. After came one after another 2017 Samsung GALAXY A5 A7 and A8 new machine message, according to the netizen @ Meng Meng on micro-blog audio-visual broke the news that the 2017 Samsung GALAXY A9 has been released into the countdown, is expected to be officially launched in December this year. At the same time after frequent exposure of the Samsung GALAXY C9 is reportedly testing near the end of May, in October this year to November, with a 6 inches touch screen and is expected to carry Xiaolong 652 processor. However, according to the GALAXY C5 Pro recently came out and C7 Pro (model SM-C5010 and SM-C7010), users @ Meng audio-visual said there is no news, as the country is expected to upgrade version of the lower the credibility but also could be the two new machines is GALAXY C5 and GALAXY C7 international version. Battery capacity upgrade for the nouveau riche recently fired.相关的主题文章: