Ranked three in the 2016258 phase of the forecast and the value of Usher inflection point – Sohu mmhouse

Ranked three in the forecast period: and the value of the inflection point – Sohu ranked three out of phase 389, and the value of the span of 6, the size of the size of the size of the small, large, odd and odd odd, and the quality of the form of the combination of qualitative and close to the size of 16257, with a value of about. 16258 arrangement of three prediction: span reference: on a span of 6 to open in recent period, even in a continuous span interval, suggestions for future a preferred odd span span between 1-3 amplitude rebound. And the three aspect: the total value of the prize number is 20, from the analysis of current values and trends, the latest value and is likely to usher in a turning point. Numbers: 257 the company opened 89, missing from the analysis of recent numbers, a new period must not be ignored even form. Parity: the number of odd and even numbers on the last phase of 2:1, the recent odd and even data showed an unstable trend, the latest issue of a good opportunity to grasp the opportunity to even code. Qualitative forecast: the 2016257 phase of the combination of quality award, analysis of the number of changes in the scope of the region, the latest 258 phase of the focus on the quality of 2:1.相关的主题文章: