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Pregnant mom skin six steps, this winter make you beautiful Da – Sohu mother this original, welcome to share personal media forwarding, reproduced please contact the author. The author Dr. dove air863 in winter, the weather became dry, many pregnant mom’s face became dry, even peeling, cracking the case. Pregnancy can not casually use skin care products, but we start from other ways, so that the skin moist. Today, dove will give us some pregnant mom pregnancy care six steps, let pregnant I have become the United States and the United States. 1 homemade mask. Winter skin is dry, I have pregnant you can only use moisturizing mask, but the chemical composition of mask market is more complex, not suitable for pregnant mom, so pregnant mom can homemade moisturizing mask, to make the skin moist. Method 1: Aloe mask. The three section of fresh aloe after cleaning, and then added to the mixer, a few minutes after pouring aloe juice, then add egg, or fresh milk, stir together, deposited on the face, should pay attention to avoid touching eyes and lips around. Gently massage, and then wait 15 minutes to wash with warm water can be. Method two: Apple mud mask. Apple peeled to the core after ramming mud, dry skin can be added a certain amount of fresh milk, oily skin can add egg white. And then evenly coated with the face, avoiding eyes, lips, etc. 15 minutes after the wash with warm water can be. 2 use moisturizing lotion. Winter skin care products in the choice of being pregnant, to choose a moisturizing effect, moisturizing lotion can effectively relieve dry skin oh mom pregnant. Pregnant mom decided to choose skin care products for pregnant women, pure natural, do not contain lead, mercury, and the smell of more exciting skin care products. 3 to strengthen nutrition. Pregnancy want a wet the face, the diet is also very important, reasonable diet can not only be pregnant mom Mei Da, also can make the body of Yun Baobao bang bang da. Pregnancy can eat hemp fresh fruits and vegetables, such as apples, oranges, grapefruit, red jujube, spinach, celery and so on, pregnant mom to a reasonable diet, pay more attention to rest, drink plenty of water every day. 4 use a humidifier. If pregnant mom has been working in the office, winter air conditioning, pregnant mom can buy a humidifier, so that the dry air, add moisture, the skin can breathe water air and become moist. 5 pay attention to the sun. Winter sun is as important as summer, but many people will ignore the winter sun. Dove recommends that pregnant mom using physical methods to apply sunscreen sunscreen, avoid the harm to our baby. I can be pregnant when the sun is relatively large, with a hat with facial shading, can also use the sunshade. 6 sleep beauty sleep. Pregnant mom every day sleep are essential for the maintenance of the skin, every night sleeping time of not less than 8 hours, lunch time should not exceed 2 hours, so as not to affect the sleep at night. Dove tips: pregnancy want Meimei, you can use homemade moisturizing mask, the use of pregnant women dedicated moisturizing skin care products, strengthen nutrition, increase air moisture, pay attention to sunscreen, adequate sleep every day to achieve oh.相关的主题文章: