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After going to the Pound ham castle on the way meets the fairy tale Village Tourism – Sohu — self driving travel in southern England twenty-six played two dilapidated medieval castle, we set out to Pound at the famous Castle next to Pound’s castle, in the way, after a small village, my wife that small village is very beautiful, put the car parked in the street. When my wife and I walked into the small village! The surprise will start soon. Small village houses mostly thatched houses near any house as if into a fairy tale world. The most amazing thing for me and my daughter-in-law is the red phone booth in the photo below. When the wife opened the telephone booth door, instantly shouted loudly: "the telephone booth is a small village library." I ran away immediately. The wife said to me: "the shelf also wrote a word, it is" the book on the shelf can see here, can take, but remember to come back! "" A telephone booth was abandoned, the villagers ideas to create a unique "library", so you think the British farmers’ life should be like fun? When I and daughter-in-law will be out of the village, met a dog brother, he told his wife, this small village called Kenn, red telephone booths and next to the hut is the village of "postcards", a lot of people know the village through the red telephone booth. Self drive travel is too fun, surprise again and again! Pound’s castle, this is the day of our tour of the castle is third, the longest stay of the castle, but the castle is not completely free pass by. When an old man at the ticket office to see our ticket, the wife said: "you can only pass here discount, buy one get one free, not." Wife said: "the best can be cheaper." As a result, 11.5 pounds a ticket, the old man received US $10.5. Ha-ha! Also good. When the old man heard from our Chinese when chatterbox will be opened, say what also not let us go, and daughter-in-law is two Laoqi incompiete! The old man said that his father had been to China in 1940, and has done business in china. He also held a meeting in Changsha in 2002 and became a host. His daughter has been in China for two years. After more than half an hour, daughter-in-law finally waved goodbye to the old man, we walked into the castle. Pound’s castle, built in 1391, 600 years of time but do not see the slightest trace of dilapidated. The castle belonged to the Earl of Devonshire, now the owner of the eighteenth Earl of Devonshire, and the count remained in the castle. We at 12:45 by the castle staff into the castle, the first thing to tell us, visit the castle must follow the announcer, can not go away, but not loud. Pound’s castle, from the first generation of the Countess of Devon was built in later centuries, his descendants on the basis of continuous expansion, to achieve the scale of today. Look at the photos below, the core of the whole castle is built with different stones, but also proved that its different ages. Up and down two photos.相关的主题文章: