Ministry of human resources and social response to the doctor’s thesis Plagiarism will improve the e queer as folk

Department who responded "doctor thesis involving Plagiarism: the new network will improve the evaluation standard in October Beijing – in 25, Ministry spokesman Li Zhong today to talk about a lot of China said Brazil academic journal doctor thesis alleged plagiarism or ghost", the Department has issued a document in November last year, basic health professional and technical personnel, the requirements for scientific research in the evaluation of professional titles, is no longer required. The next step will be to further improve the evaluation criteria, the implementation of classification evaluation, the scientific research on the importance of academic standards, the more attention should be paid more attention to the practice of clinical skills. Human resources and social department held a press conference this morning, informed the third quarter of 2016, the progress of the work of human society. A reporter asked for some time before the media reports, there are a large number of Chinese doctors in a Brazil academic journal papers alleged plagiarism or ghost, at that time the media analysts believe that this is Chinese medical personnel promotion system attaches great importance to the content of journals published in the Department who have excuse me pay attention to the news? In the medical staff Title system reform there is no corresponding reform plan?" Li Zhong said that the individual medical staff fraud is not only related to professional ethics, but also may seriously affect the patient’s physical health, the community reacted strongly to this matter, the Ministry of human resources and social also attach great importance to this. The media coverage of the case, to a certain extent reflects the outstanding problems existing in the evaluation of health professional and technical personnel of the "only qualifications, seniority, only the", also reflects the part of the medical staff in the actual work of academic, light technology, undesirable tendency, heavy quantity, light quality. Li Zhong introduced, in order to solve these problems, the Department in November last year issued the "guidance" on further reform and improve the grass-roots health professional assessment work, in the next step of the title system reform and promote the reform of professional title system series of health professional series to take targeted measures, more outstanding work performance. In November last year, the document has stipulated that the primary health professional and technical personnel in the work of the title assessment papers, research requirements, no longer do mandatory provisions, can be used as a reference condition for the review. This policy is the grassroots level of professional and technical staff welcome and praise, the effect is very good, but also promote the regression of clinical better primary health professional and technical personnel, so they have more time and energy were optimistic about the disease, rather than more wondering how to write papers. Li Zhong said the next step in the direction of reform are the following. A prominent medical ethics construction. Establish the evaluation mechanism based on the character, ability and achievement, and insist on putting the professional ethics in the first place of the professional and technical personnel. Two is to further improve the evaluation criteria. The most important is the implementation of classification evaluation, the scientific research on the importance of academic level, the more attention should be paid to the clinical skills of practical ability. For example, some of the grass-roots medical staff, and some may report or case analysis report on the common disease of the form can reflect more professional ability, which can be used to replace the corresponding paper requirement. For example, you can consider.相关的主题文章:

National Aging office to do the sale of licensing fees problem after verification in accordance with

The national office on aging rectification selling card charges: after verification in accordance with regulations – Beijing, the national office on aging party on patrol rectification briefing according to the central deployment, from February 29, 2016 to April 29th, the central ninth inspection teams to conduct a tour of the national office on aging. June 7th, the central inspection teams to the National Office of the elderly feedback feedback. According to the relevant provisions of the Chinese Communist party inspection regulations, inspection and rectification will be released. First, the overall situation of the reform (a) focus on organizational learning, improve awareness. Central ninth inspection teams feedback after June 7th, the morning of June 8th, the national office on aging party meeting to seriously study and understand the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on patrol work, a comprehensive study of the central feedback ninth inspection teams and the central inspection office leadership speech, to study the deployment of patrol rectification work. In two months, the national office on aging party has held the party, party theory study group will expand and party feature of democratic life 15 times, a comprehensive focus on strict requirements, combined with the national office on aging, highlighting the problem oriented, deep ideological roots, strengthen party responsibility, layers of conductive rectification pressure forming rectification patrol force. Through repeated learning, in-depth analysis, to further enhance the understanding, unity of thinking, the formation of a consensus, a clear understanding of the problem, a clear responsibility. The national office on aging group believes that the inspection teams feedback, pointed out the problems and put forward the suggestions, realistic, comprehensive and profound, to the point, targeted, fully in line with the actual national office on aging, reflects the central to the work of the aged care and attention. The national office on aging, the party, the party organizations directly under the authority and all Party members and cadres should resolutely thinking and action with the central decision-making arrangements, to implement the central inspection and rectification requirements of the Ministry of Civil Affairs party rectification requirements as a major political task to implement the national office on aging comprehensive strictly the main responsibility, strengthen the leadership of the party, the party’s deepening the construction, as a significant opportunity to eliminate long-standing history, change the body style, improve the ability to perform their duties. (two) to strengthen organizational leadership, clear responsibility for rectification. Minister of the Ministry of civil affairs, the national office on aging director Li Liguo attaches great importance to the national office on aging party inspection rectification work, clearly put forward the necessary of the inspection and rectification work as a major political task conscientiously. In June 8th, the national office on aging party set up inspection rectification work leading group, party secretary Wang Jianjun as the leader, Party members Xiao Caiwei, Wang Shaozhong and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Ministry of civil affairs in the discipline inspection group deputy bureau level disciplinary inspectors deputy head Yu Shijun. Party secretary of the rectification work as the first responsible person responsible, Party members in the division of labor within the scope of negative leadership responsibility, the main person responsible for the party organizations take specific responsibility. Rectification leading group under the office, responsible for the overall coordination and supervision of the implementation of the rectification work. According to the inspection feedback problem rectification, the leading group has held 9 meetings, repeated research to determine the inspection rectification work of the guiding ideology, the principle of rectification, rectification method and rectification measures, from fully implement the main responsibility requirements, strictly implement the central authorities to actively respond to the group相关的主题文章:

Even the old drivers do not know the car trap does not look to wait for a loss (video) gigolos

Even the old trap car drivers do not know the look and see at 4S stores carry the vehicle flow "National Father Wang Jian (see figures in the latest news) Lin Fengqing light that" give yourself a small goal, first make one hundred million ", inspired many people to struggle. So we should respond to the call to develop a small goal? For example, there is a car. For those who had a car owners living new car owners, car from that moment, the car became a member of the family, since every year also need to take care of care. But the new car owners do not know mentioning the car is also a trap. Many of the old drivers know the secret can not be ignored, otherwise it unwise. 1, check the appearance of the new car parked in front of a lot of people are the first time to choose to take pictures. As everyone knows, do a detailed examination of the vehicle is more important than to keep "kakaka" more. All you need to do is check the car around the corner for a week. In particular, the vehicle has no scratches, cracks, etc.. These minor "scars" if not properly tested, there will be a place where you cry. 2, check the vehicle information when checking the appearance, you can’t wait to take a ride? The moment is not impatient. This time, you need to be identified". General vehicle "ID card", that is, the date of delivery of the vehicle logo will be affixed to the bottom of the right front door, there are also under the driver’s seat. It records the date of delivery, total quality, engine power and so on. It can prove that your car is the year of the factory, whether the inventory of vehicles and other information. In general, the car within a year is not a stock car, if more than two years, then you have to talk to the 4S shop. 3, check the car interior can finally sit in the car, I believe the owners are excited. Even if the new car smell will be as a "tangy flavor". Excited to return to excitement, or to get a good look at the car interior. The first test car within the physical buttons, see resilience is the same as a screen in the control car to check whether there are bright spots, screen point, color etc.. The problem then check the leather velvet seat has no scratches, line etc.. That is to say, all hands can be touched and all electronic controls are checked. 4, in addition to the determination of the factory data to determine the dashboard pointer or LCD screen can maintain normal work, the instrument panel displays the number of kilometers to pay special attention to. Every car in the factory to go through the road test, it will produce a number of kilometers, but generally within 100 km, up to no more than 200 km, too many kilometers can not be normal. 5, determine the commencement time many owners bought new car for the first time is to enjoy a convenient life after the car, but don’t forget to put the car in the auto insurance will take effect on the night of the day only 12, before this, some small scrape will be out of pocket, so the technology is not perfect friends, the best car please don’t take the car accident prone environment. I believe many of my friends have to put the car in the car as soon as possible, but a lot of friends in happy when you mention the car, it is easy to forget to mention the car which require attention, so as to cause unnecessary trouble later, do not want to encounter these troubles.相关的主题文章:

The story I is the mother of Rex – Sohu xhero

The story: I am Rex Sohu – this is a mother exudes a touch of sadness story. When the tyrannosaurus after being hit by a stone, like a pterosaur mom and dad did care for him, when Rex good after injury, pterosaurs and the Tyrannosaurus Rex and also do not become friends. "Do not know, Rex actually knew he is a pterosaur, truly grateful to him; Rex did not know, pterosaurs knew he will be fine, and may eat their good after, but still really help pterosaur rex. In the end, what was the result of a good friend? Could have become a pair of friends so separated. Maybe one day they’ll meet again. That time, Rex can remember the pterosaurs, also can remember the tyrannosaurus pterosaur. They can be good friends again. A children’s Book Museum Scarecrow = = = = = = = = a children’s book published "Museum of world children’s literature masterpiece" Ozzy "in the picture gallery" adventures in Wonderland as hundreds of books (both in the Amazon Chinese, shop to buy). More parenting and children’s reading information, please pay attention to WeChat ` ` ` ` the public account number: Scarecrow books Museum (micro letter ` ` No. dcr-books, long press copy), Guan ` note after the reply: the children receive free, more convenient to receive exciting information, please click the subscription in the lower right corner Sohu: children reading相关的主题文章:

[map] exposure Baojun E100 life 100km will be listed in October – Auto Sohu

[map] exposure Baojun E100 life 100km will be listed in October – Sohu automobile Sohu [new car] before the car spy fox Sohu obtained a set of Po Chun E100 models of the vehicle, the car is a pure electric car, is expected to be officially listed in October 2016. Appearance: Po Chun E100 the overall shape of cute, exaggerated headlight design group, the middle connected by a grille, the bottom is Po Chun LOGO. The new car body using a variety of colors, white body looks very simple, A column and B column with black, while the top also uses a yellow design. Look at the car is also very simple, the taillights wing shape, the middle is connected through the band of light. Interior: new car adopts two seater design, the overall look of the avant-garde, fashion. The overall control looks very simple, the dashboard and the control of large size LCD screen constitutes the theme of the vehicle, a number of simple operation button appears in the control. The steering wheel is also using a two-color design, the car does not use the shift lever of the transmission, but the position design of a knob type mechanism and equipped with electronic handbrake. It is reported that SAIC GM Wuling’s new energy base started construction in August 2015, is expected to formally put into operation in 2016, the E100 will also be on production. Power: we don’t know the details of the car, the car will have reported "performance double 100", namely the speed of 100km h, 100km continued hangda. (Editor: Wang Xiaolei)相关的主题文章:

Love the city, Dali [eleven] – Autumn debauch – Sohu Tourism

Love the city, Dali [eleven] – Autumn debauch – Sohu tourism industry have a saying: the so-called travel, but from a place you are tired, tired of people to another place. Everyone understands, but we will still be in love with someone else. In late autumn, the capital airport T1, delayed nearly two hours of the aircraft, safe landing in Kunming at 2 a.m.. Some observation found that Kunming airport is the most humane place, as long as there is a flight, there will be 25 dollars to the airport bus in the city, unexpectedly save money. Three in the morning, the lights, street train station. Chaozhou congee, barbecue, snacks, surrounding the lively, will have a go at the seven or eight hour after work subway illusion. After a short sleep, catch the nine forty train to Dali. Nine points to go out, after seven minutes to reach the KunMing Railway Station, and then after the heavy security checks, half past nine boarded the train on the three. That’s right, three security checks. First off, whether you are to take a ticket or what is, security first, to enter the square outside the train station; second, ID check and security, this is what we are familiar with the other train station only the screening process, you can close the door of the train station; third, the first two don’t know can you check carefully ah, we again third times, check the baggage and personal security. Finally, congratulations you have passed the ultimate test, into the waiting hall. Reminded to come to Kunming, a small partner, take the train must go to the train station, not more than the number of boarding security procedures. According to Dali Raiders of the 8 bus ride to the passenger transport station, ride to the double corridor car. The 6:20 train, driving distance more than an hour, we still on the way around the WAL-MART 6, rushed to the bus station to see the face of resentment of the driver. Because the Dali car is not according to the departure time, full of people away, while not. On the way, the driver something, we changed to a car, the driver does not feel here to play by the rules. Fortunately, the final destination, unfortunately, it is almost nine in the evening. After breakfast, the hotel will see the car, riding along the lake do not tangle, the only choice is the electric car. It is said that the entire more than and 100 km, the bike to ride a day will be very hard, electric cars can run 30-40 km, but not tired. 30 dollars a day, you can pay attention to electricity. Charging equipment along the way, 10 yuan a time limit. The fall of Dali, along the Erhai riding, looking ahead, all the way is full of blooming Ge Sanghua, very brilliant. In the Tibetan language, "it" is "good time" or "happiness", "plum" is the meaning of flowers, so Ge Sanghua also called happiness. Riding along Erhai, we can see all kinds of fish restaurant in Erhai, should be limited here, not many people, business depression. A lot of people riding on the road, go beat, turtle speed, a lot of beautiful scenery, dizzying. To dig the town is already at noon, just in time to catch up with the market, in addition to moon cake, only know potatoes. The Rice noodles rice do, some taste of houttuynia,.相关的主题文章: