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Cesarean section had to know these details – Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital – Sohu national maternal two-child policy opened nearly a year, the country began to appear boom. The pen has been pregnant for 5 months, today she came to Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital check, with doubts about the doctor said: "my first child is a caesarean section, the second section is good or good along? Pay attention to women’s health, you can also join the women’s health group, speak freely, exchange of experience, let you become senior treasure mother healthy woman. Q group: 424940962. Again, the timing of cesarean section Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital obstetrician said that the birth of a baby’s mother, the "gestational week" "term" premature "this concept should be very understanding. In medicine, as long as more than 37 weeks pregnant has been term. So, in the clinical often encounter scar uterus of pregnant women, because of fear, even in the 36 weeks of pregnancy when thinking about to do cesarean section, the first week of pregnancy to the week, can not wait to quickly split the baby out of the 37. But this is not a wise choice. At this time, although the baby has a term, but 37 weeks and 40 weeks or a little difference: the birth of the baby for 37 weeks, the greater the risk of neonatal respiratory distress problems. But in general, if not their contractions, rupture of uterine scar is rare. According to statistics, even if it is the first time to do cesarean section, the birth of a child is not fully mature than lung birth children, risk is also wet lung must be high, and the children of fine action may also be more slowly. Re cesarean section of the newborn, there are more respiratory problems, which may be related to the timing of cesarean section. If it is just because of fear, in advance to do a cesarean section, so that the baby bear unnecessary risks, it is not worthwhile. So, if there is no special reason, the time of re cesarean section, the best choice after 39 weeks. The risk of cesarean section in Jilin Guojian Gynaecological Hospital obstetric doctors advise, for scar uterus of pregnant women, cesarean section is not what strange things, about the risks and complications of cesarean section, the last time in childbirth, the doctor must have any details. Then, another surgery, do not like to wear clothes that simply unzipped? Is really not the same, the second do cesarean section, risk than the first time a lot, one important reason is that in addition to adhesion; adhesion, and uterine scar problems. 1 adhesion is what? Do cesarean section, the patient can see, just a scar on the stomach. If the scar looks good, the patient may think that the surgery is done well, he recovered well. But in fact, the scar on the belly is just a beautiful problem, but the doctor is more concerned about the situation inside the stomach. In fact, it seems that only one layer of the belly is layered. Marbled pork is always seen? The belly looks almost. When the doctor in the belly of the operation, but also can not see inside the case, if regardless of the consequence, direct the knife down, is likely to damage abdominal.相关的主题文章: