Obviously live with a cell, why room temperature difference of 10 degrees lformat

Obviously live with a cell, why room temperature difference of 10 degrees? Residents with the method of raising the temperature did not see the effect of ginger lady who lives in a district of Shenyang City, the official heating for two days, her home is only 16 degrees, and her neighbor is worse than this, only about 12 degrees C. But living in a residential area in front of the other residents of the home, the window room temperature can reach 20 degrees C. Ms. Jiang was very puzzled, live with a park, how can not be so much room temperature before and after the floor, do not understand!" Last year this year about warm room temperature is not reached in November last year, Ms. Jiang has just delivered the house, others are catching up with the heating period, when workers in the house decoration to wear short sleeved, especially good heating. This district heating is no problem, who would like to fall so big this year. Big drop more than Ms. Jiang, it is understood that she lives in the E District 1, 2, building No. 3, many residents are not satisfied with the room temperature for these two days. "In some families with pregnant women, buy electric heater blowing; some of the elderly children at home, have a cold……" Yesterday, the reporter went to Ms. Jiang and neighbors, to see the situation as she said, the ground cold. Around 11 points yesterday, the residents of the building of a thermometer in the home of the show only 12 degrees C (). Respond to put 20 barrels of water temperature did not rise Ms. Jiang told reporters that in November 1st they have been reflected in the low temperature of the property company, the staff let them water. "We have to buy building materials stores near the drainage tube out of stock, we are in the water, my house yesterday put nearly 20 barrels of water temperature, there is no upgrade." Reporters also saw a lot of people in the owners reflect, has been on the water, but the return pipe is always cold. I thought the whole park are the same, but the reporter learned that this year, 5, 4 just endorsed the 6 building owners are warm. One of the 4 building owners said: "my family is now open the window and 20 DEG C, not open the window to 22 DEG -23 DEG, the workers were wearing short sleeved at work." Property is trying to solve the same park before and after the temperature difference is so large? The reporter linked to the heating company first, customer service staff said that the company had normal heating, but the house heating facilities in general by the development and construction unit operation of two heating season, the heating problem should arise during developers or property companies to solve. Subsequently, the reporter contacted the property company E district property manager zhang. He told reporters: these two days, some owners do not find the property to reflect the heating is not hot. In this case, we are trying to solve, we are today to pipe exhaust, cleaning sewage valve. Look at the temperature can come up in the evening, if it is not hot, the property will find the construction unit to troubleshoot." Zhang stressed that the property company in the past few days will lay down the work at hand, heating is a major event, as soon as possible so that residents of the home heat up.相关的主题文章: