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Nine years ago, the men’s credit card overdraft of $9 now also want to return to the more than 9 thousand Sina fund exposure platform: letter Phi lag false propaganda, long-term performance is lower than similar products, how to buy funds pit? Click [I want to complain], Sina help you expose them! Source: Guangdong radio and television today news 2008 accidentally overdraft 9 yuan credit card money inside, after 9 years of time had become 9000 yuan. But for many years he had not received notice from the bank for repayment. Recently, Mr Li said our rebellion, he suddenly found that he owed the bank more than 9000 yuan, after going to the bank, only to find themselves unintentionally in 2008 more than 9 yuan overdraft credit card money inside, after 9 years of time had become 9000 yuan. But for many years he had not received notice from the bank for repayment. If he waited more than 9 years to find this account, when the overdraft of $9 will become a huge debt of $9 million. What the hell is going on? Recently, Lee repeatedly apply for credit cards have been rejected by the bank, suspected of having a bad credit record. He went to the credit center to view the personal credit report, the results surprised him. Lee said: in August 31st, I played a good faith report in Guangzhou, and then he said I owed the bank more than 9000 yuan, that is, I have a good faith blacklist." Mr. Li’s personal credit report showed that data organization is ICBC Zhongshan branch, Mr. Li went to Zhongshan to understand the situation immediately, the bank gave him a hit in 2007 August after the debt credit card bill. Mr. Li to provide bank history list display, January 1, 2008, because of his consumer overdraft credit card 9.84 yuan, and there is no repayment, causing his credit card debts as snowball superposition, superimposed speed is roughly doubled every year, to August this year, his credit card debt from the original 9.84 yuan, 9350 yuan to increase. Lee said that by the end of 2007, he worked in a factory in Zhongshan, workers handed over the ID card, the factory for them to apply for a wage card, and Lee did not know that the credit card is a credit card. In 2008 January, Mr. Li left the factory to the place to work, and later because of the lost bank card, he handled the loss to the bank in April 30th, but the bank did not inform his debts. Over the years, Mr. Lee did not receive the bank collection messages, letters, and there is a door for collection. List shows that the bank credit card interest is the interest rate is 5/10000, the recovery of profits in accordance with the month of the 5% month, and the payment will be charged interest, the annual interest payment will add more than the original principal amount owed. If Lee was found 9 years later, the arrears, arrears will be increased by more than 1000 times, in 2008 overdraft of $9.84 will become $9 million. Lee said that a few days ago he went to the Zhongshan branch of ICBC consultations, but the bank asked him to repay the full amount. But Mr Lee believes that the matter is also responsible for the original bank. Lee call ICBC customer service, the other said that the credit card has been unable to make相关的主题文章: