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Net exposure of township cadres wounded villagers holding plate shovel shooting with cut – Sohu News according to Xinhua news agency, a township cadres hit the posts recently attracted the attention of netizens. Net posts said: a cadre of a township cadres in Hubei, Huangmei, because of disputes with the local villagers, together with the families of wounded villagers, the injured head multiple injuries. Huangmei County Propaganda Department revealed that the local police have been involved in the investigation. According to the posting Xiangyang (alias), Feng Guozhong and Feng Zhixiong were beaten as father and son, father Feng Guozhong for limb disabled, son Feng Zhixiong 21 years old, his mother also suffered from intermittent mental disorder. After the hospital emergency rescue, the father and son have been out of danger, is still under treatment, and later may also have sequelae. The announcement of Huangmei County Public Security Bureau issued Cai Shan police station, the evening of February 13th, in the village of Huangmei County town Cao Cai, Wang Xueli, Wang Xueyi, Wang Xueqiang, Wang Lao and Feng Guozhong, four fine brother Feng Zhixiong father and son of Wu Ji because of a dispute regarding Wang Xueli, Wang Yi two people blocked Feng Zhixiong, the king of the old fine on Feng Zhixiong’s chest, Feng Guozhong rushed forward to support for Feng Zhixiong, was the king of the old fine fell to the ground, and kneed Feng Guozhong pressure so that it can not move, then Wang Xueqiang with a shovel plate into the back of Feng Zhixiong’s head with time to cut the number of times, until the board spade spade handle is interrupted to stop, Feng Zhixiong was beaten to become unconscious. The public security department said that Feng Guozhong and Feng Zhixiong had been selected for forensic identification, but the witnesses and the surrounding people were unwilling to testify, which led to difficulties in case investigation and evidence collection. Xiangyang said the batterer special background, Wang in the village belongs to the family, and Wang Xueyi is in charge of the comprehensive administration of the township cadres, village people are afraid to offend. Huangmei County Propaganda Department confirmed that a responsible person, Wang Xueyi is Huangmei County Kong Longzhen a cadre, the association of politics and law, comprehensive management, and petition stability work. But he said, Wang Xueyi did not participate in the fight, and many times mediation. In this regard, Xiangyang said, Wang Xueyi participated in the whole process of beating, and the Feng family and his son after a few days in hospital Wang Jiayou did not visit people. Huangmei county government hole Ridge Town Committee and town a written reply said, brother Wang Xueyi and Feng Guozhong because the homestead things have been in dispute, Never mind the homestead and Wang Xueyi, Wang Xueyi and Feng Guozhong did not dispute. After the dispute, Wang Xueyi urged his brother to send 4000 yuan to the hospital to rescue the injured overnight. Written reply also said, if found Wang Xueyi violation of discipline, will be in accordance with the law to deal with it seriously. Cai Shan police station said that through a variety of ways and means to strive for the completion of the investigation and evidence collection work in the shortest possible time, and in accordance with the legal procedures for the case investigation.

网曝湖北乡镇干部打伤村民 持板锹连拍带砍-搜狐新闻  据新华社电 一则乡镇干部打人的帖文近日引发网友关注。网帖称:湖北省黄梅县一乡镇干部一家因与当地村民发生纠纷,伙同家属打伤村民,伤者头部多处受伤。黄梅县宣传部门透露,当地警方已介入调查。   据发帖人向阳(化名)介绍,被打者冯国忠和冯志雄为父子,父亲冯国忠为肢体残疾人,儿子冯志雄21岁,其母亲也患有间歇性精神障碍症。经过医院紧急抢救,父子俩已脱离生命危险,目前仍在治疗之中,后期还可能留有后遗症。   黄梅县公安局蔡山派出所发布的案情公告显示,2月13日晚,在黄梅县蔡山镇曹坝村,王学礼、王学义、王学强、王老细等兄弟四人与冯国忠、冯志雄父子俩因屋基一事发生争执,后王学礼、王学义两人架住冯志雄,王老细抓住冯志雄的胸口,冯国忠见状上前欲护冯志雄,被王老细摔倒在地,并用膝盖顶压冯国忠使其无法动弹,接着王学强用一把板锹从后面朝冯志雄的头部连拍带砍数次,直至板锹的锹柄被打断才停手,冯志雄被打得不省人事。   公安部门表示,已聘请法医对冯国忠和冯志雄的伤情进行鉴定,但由于目击证人及周边老百姓不愿作证,导致案件调查取证遇到了困难。向阳称,打人者背景特殊,王家在村里属于大家族,且王学义又是主管综治工作的乡镇干部,村里人都不敢得罪。   黄梅县宣传部一名负责人证实,王学义是黄梅县孔垄镇一名副科级干部,协管政法、综治、信访、维稳工作。但他表示,王学义没有参与打架,还多次进行调解。对此,向阳说,王学义参与了打人的全过程,且冯家父子住院后几天都未见王家有人来探望。   黄梅县孔垄镇委、镇政府书面回复表示,王学义弟弟与冯国忠因为宅基地的事情一直有纠纷,这个宅基地与王学义没有关系,王学义本人也没有与冯国忠有纠纷。纠纷发生后,王学义督促其弟派人连夜送4000元到医院抢救伤者。书面回复中还表示,如发现王学义有违纪违规行为,将依法依规对其进行严肃处理。   蔡山派出所表示,将通过各种途径和方式争取在最短时间内完成各项调查取证工作,并按照法律程序依法对该案进行立案侦查。相关的主题文章: