National network media Shanxi line more than 1 thousand km trip successful ending

National network media Shanxi line successful ending more than 1 thousand kilometers Shanxi daily news   the evening of September 26th, the national network media in Shanxi large gathering activities ended. The event a total of 59 network media, more than 80 people around the network to do the relevant person in charge of the network and media editors, reporters to participate. The events surrounding the Shanxi cultural tourism development "and" supply side "structural reform" ecological civilization "and other themes, editors and reporters, Lvliang, Jinzhong, Taiyuan of Yangquan four coverage, travel more than 1 thousand kilometers, visited more than 30 interviews, fully understand the new concept of our province practice five the development of the ideas and results. Li Yajie China Gansu network reporter said: "in my impression, coal is almost synonymous with Shanxi, but after this came to Shanxi to visit, I think Shanxi is actually a strong flavor of the local history." China Jiangxi network reporter Wu Xinling expressed his approval, he said: Shanxi’s non coal industry is rapidly developing, the Shanxi trip made me feel the new changes in the process of transformation and upgrading of coal province Shanxi." As of 26 May 12, the media for editors and reporters were making thematic 30 original manuscript, released more than 200 articles, micro-blog 500, WeChat more than and 700, Sina micro-blog # topic eleventh national network media Shanxi line # reached about 600000 views, both inside and outside the province network media reproduced manuscript more than 2000 articles. (Wang Weiting)相关的主题文章: