National Aging office to do the sale of licensing fees problem after verification in accordance with

The national office on aging rectification selling card charges: after verification in accordance with regulations – Beijing, the national office on aging party on patrol rectification briefing according to the central deployment, from February 29, 2016 to April 29th, the central ninth inspection teams to conduct a tour of the national office on aging. June 7th, the central inspection teams to the National Office of the elderly feedback feedback. According to the relevant provisions of the Chinese Communist party inspection regulations, inspection and rectification will be released. First, the overall situation of the reform (a) focus on organizational learning, improve awareness. Central ninth inspection teams feedback after June 7th, the morning of June 8th, the national office on aging party meeting to seriously study and understand the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping on patrol work, a comprehensive study of the central feedback ninth inspection teams and the central inspection office leadership speech, to study the deployment of patrol rectification work. In two months, the national office on aging party has held the party, party theory study group will expand and party feature of democratic life 15 times, a comprehensive focus on strict requirements, combined with the national office on aging, highlighting the problem oriented, deep ideological roots, strengthen party responsibility, layers of conductive rectification pressure forming rectification patrol force. Through repeated learning, in-depth analysis, to further enhance the understanding, unity of thinking, the formation of a consensus, a clear understanding of the problem, a clear responsibility. The national office on aging group believes that the inspection teams feedback, pointed out the problems and put forward the suggestions, realistic, comprehensive and profound, to the point, targeted, fully in line with the actual national office on aging, reflects the central to the work of the aged care and attention. The national office on aging, the party, the party organizations directly under the authority and all Party members and cadres should resolutely thinking and action with the central decision-making arrangements, to implement the central inspection and rectification requirements of the Ministry of Civil Affairs party rectification requirements as a major political task to implement the national office on aging comprehensive strictly the main responsibility, strengthen the leadership of the party, the party’s deepening the construction, as a significant opportunity to eliminate long-standing history, change the body style, improve the ability to perform their duties. (two) to strengthen organizational leadership, clear responsibility for rectification. Minister of the Ministry of civil affairs, the national office on aging director Li Liguo attaches great importance to the national office on aging party inspection rectification work, clearly put forward the necessary of the inspection and rectification work as a major political task conscientiously. In June 8th, the national office on aging party set up inspection rectification work leading group, party secretary Wang Jianjun as the leader, Party members Xiao Caiwei, Wang Shaozhong and the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection of the Ministry of civil affairs in the discipline inspection group deputy bureau level disciplinary inspectors deputy head Yu Shijun. Party secretary of the rectification work as the first responsible person responsible, Party members in the division of labor within the scope of negative leadership responsibility, the main person responsible for the party organizations take specific responsibility. Rectification leading group under the office, responsible for the overall coordination and supervision of the implementation of the rectification work. According to the inspection feedback problem rectification, the leading group has held 9 meetings, repeated research to determine the inspection rectification work of the guiding ideology, the principle of rectification, rectification method and rectification measures, from fully implement the main responsibility requirements, strictly implement the central authorities to actively respond to the group相关的主题文章: