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The movie "Pan Yinlian" opened on September 9th to monitor the event of black humor MAX- entertainment recently produced by Sohu, Beijing Yi Shi Albert culture media Co., Ltd. Beijing Patel film culture media Co. Ltd, Agam (Beijing) network movie "International Film Company Limited issued Pan Yinlian monitoring incident" exposed pilot posters, officially announced that the film will be on the line in the Tencent broadcast video alone in September 9th. The film "Chaoyang people" as the prototype, a humorous and witty story Chaoyang aunt uncle who the story of good and evil, and with the name "Pan Jinlian" only one word of the heroine Pan Yinlian is what kind of a person, why will be monitored, and who was in control, it attracted the curiosity and heat discussion. "Stone" black humor "humour + + – realistic reproduction of" I want you to look good in a Beijing old district has recently undergone a series of strange, which makes for residential security package aunt very headache. Seeing the security area of the floating flags will be taken from him, aunt package adopted a series of measures to strengthen the security inspection, when a gang of crooks also fled into the house, the story unfolds to…… As a "Crazy Stone", "stubborn turnip" need to say, "Pan Yinlian incident" monitoring the bottom of society concerned people, including positive play, keen public undertakings Chaoyang aunt Grandpa, calculating gangs, crime of fraud – social idle people, with little comedy and satirical way show the reflection of life, through the description of lurking around us but we do not understand the people’s real life to show black humor, reading is not very sadly. In addition to the plot and lines show black humor, the film still has its distinctive eye-catching settings, such as Bimbo, vanity of Pan Yinlian, and her current boyfriend Mensao heart timid and overcautious and Ding Dabao split between a Yinpan anemone ex fertilizer Tao triangle. The trailer, between Pan Yinlian and Ding Dabao eclectic exciting SM Chuangxi deep stimulation have been monitoring their fat tao. Compared to the predecessor, Pan Jinlian, Pan Yinlian who had too much of the characteristics of the trailer is only 1 minutes long when the show vividly, sexy, amorous feelings, vanity, betrayal. And in addition has been monitoring their fat Tao, why is someone in the helpless pain in Pan Yinlian’s bed, and who were spying on Pan Yinlian, and why do you want to watch her, Chaoyang aunt uncle who how to carry forward the style, play with the evil forces of the struggle in the end, all of this film until September 9th reveal the answer for us in the video broadcast only after online Tencent. "In the way?" screenwriter actor Mimi Chu Bryan Leung and then surgeon in Hongkong to join in "zombie" get together, "ghost" power, everywhere is "northeast wind", even the title role, plot, the same network environment, "Pan Yinlian" to a group of monitoring events please uncle aunt is also a risk when the protagonist. This group of uncle aunt backing is not small, the strength of Hongkong and the mainland comedian Mimi Chu, Bryan Leung and Li Baozhen have provoked beams, young actors!相关的主题文章: