Mount Emei a child retching 3 months is swallowing a button battery (map) (video) candle june

Mount Emei a child retching 3 months is swallowing a button battery (map) girl Tongtong swallowing batteries, esophageal burns ward late on September 18th, children’s Hospital Affiliated to Medical University Of Chongqing, 3 years and 9 months, Tong Tong (a pseudonym) in eating liquid diet after more than 3 months, finally began to eat like normal people face. At the beginning of June this year, out of a button battery and 1 dime size similar to her in the esophagus, alkali liquid battery leakage resulting in her esophageal burns, the whole esophagus stiff, esophageal cicatricial stricture, almost lost function. The family learned that this button battery card in her esophagus in about 3 months, is glowing to play with the children mistakenly swallowed. In this regard, experts remind: damage is mainly caused by the button battery in the battery electrolyte leakage, will cause corrosion and erosion, visceral burns or perforation, severe life-threatening. Once a child eating button battery, should be promptly sent to hospital, will remove it as soon as possible. The child suddenly vomiting in the esophagus to remove a button battery Tongtong home in Guangyuan (micro-blog) Zhaohua District, after birth with his family in Mount Emei city life (micro-blog). Mother Ms. Zhang recalled earlier this year, one day, suddenly vomiting glowing. "Not spit stomach, but retching and vomiting slobber." Ms. Zhang said, with Tongtong to Mount Emei (micro-blog), a hospital, the doctor opened a week of drug gastroenteritis. But a week later, glowing and "card food", "eat very slow, but was able to swallow." Since then, the family will be sent to the Mount Emei, Guangyuan Tong Tong and Chengdu hospital for treatment, but the situation has not changed, "food" and the appetite is not good. "In Chengdu, I had a laryngoscopy, but I didn’t find anything unusual." Ms. Zhang said, until the beginning of June, due to continuous glowing after about 20 days of high fever, cough, the doctor suspected suffering from tuberculosis and glowing X-ray examination, found her upper esophageal foreign body. At the beginning of June, glowing in the West China Hospital of Sichuan University (micro-blog WeChat) underwent surgery, doctors removed a button battery from the upper end of the esophagus. Ms. Zhang said, remove the button cell diameter and 1 coins almost, the battery is slightly thicker. "I don’t know what the button cell is for." Ms. Zhang said that her daughter in the esophagus button battery was removed, she carefully asked her daughter was informed that this battery is swallowed before her daughter appeared vomiting. At that time, her daughter go out to play with the children, who will battery to his daughter, daughter mistakenly swallowed the esophagus. Esophageal burns can only eat liquid, after the operation start button battery normal diet Ms. Zhang carefully check the doctors removed from her daughter found in the esophagus, the metal shell is not much change this one outside of the cell, but the internal liquid has leaked. In the West China Hospital of Sichuan University (micro-blog WeChat) remove the battery after June, Tongtong was transferred to children’s Hospital Affiliated to Medical University Of Chongqing for further treatment. Deputy director of cardiothoracic surgery at children’s Hospital Affiliated to Medical University Of Chongqing Li Yong (micro-blog) was introduced, the esophagus was glowing liquid alkali burn button battery leakage. Although to the hospital when the battery has been removed, but due to esophageal burns, the esophagus Tongtong was stiff, almost lost, only相关的主题文章: