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"Motherhood" Twelfth big coffee broadcast notice: pregnancy how to eat fat? Sohu of maternal pregnancy, in order to baby nutrition, mothers always want to eat more nutritional supplements, mother’s weight is out of control, in fact, excessive gestational weight gain, increased risk of becoming obese mother decades later. So how to control the weight of pregnancy is very good, and will not let the baby and mother malnutrition? Focus on women’s health, you can also join the "love in gynecological health group, speak freely, exchange ideas, let you become a senior treasure mother healthy woman. Q group: 424940962. The article can be shared with your good friends, perhaps to help more people. First, we must first understand the whole body weight gain during pregnancy, followed by the control diet. In the early, middle and late pregnancy, mother’s weight increase than the average, at each stage of pregnancy, have their own characteristics, only to understand the growth law of scientific weight, can not only ensure the baby’s health, but also to ensure the health of mothers. In general, pregnant women who are pregnant at an ideal weight gain an average weight of about 8 to about 12 kg during pregnancy. Regardless of the weight before pregnancy, in the two or three period of pregnancy, the monthly weight gain of less than 1 kg or more than 3 kg of body weight per month is inappropriate. Although it can not lose weight, but it must control the weight, otherwise it will easily lead to production difficulties in addition to body deformation. Diet is not eating can lose weight, such as eating skills, food cooking, food choices, etc., are the key to weight control. The nutritional value of the same, if you choose low calorie foods, and there is no difference in the baby, but to my mother itself, but great effect! And these concepts and skills, for postpartum recovery is also very help. Friday 15 two national nutritionist Zhang Wen will come to the "national health" to broadcast large coffee pregnant mothers during pregnancy on how to eat not fat secret, to tell you the right way of nutrition during pregnancy is what, let you eat healthy and beautiful!相关的主题文章: