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Millet Note2 special subject line, Samsung Note7? Sohu MIX technology today officially opened grab millet, Lei Technology (WeChat ID:leitech) also followed the panic buying pomp, but can not grab, believe you know. Millet Lei Jun said that the MIX is a new technology of making use of mobile phone, the yield is very low, meaning you know, is the goods less… Rather than clinging to the "concept" of the mobile phone is more down to earth, as concerned about the millet Note2. curved screen previously, many users Tucao millet Note2 is of no practical significance today, it finally comes, a few days ago, millet MIUI official micro-blog released a specially designed for millet Note2 themes demo video, the theme for the curved screen millet Note2 added a lot of practical. The subject has three main functions: multifunctional sideslip, side side of the screen panel, set the lock screen wallpaper switch. Its support for the application of the quick screen side operations, such as adding common contacts, shortcuts, APP, etc.. Users can set different layout and shortcut function of the side panel. You can also quickly switch to the main screen, wallpaper, etc.. Similar to the side of the main screen Note2 millet and Samsung Note7 side of the screen operation, it also supports various applications and custom function key shortcuts, but Samsung Note7 made more sophisticated and comprehensive, such as support for music playback and display side album, millet Note2 curved screen function has a lot of room for improvement. (Samsung Note7 side menu) by way of a curved screen theme millet Note2 practical value, is a good practice, compared the system support, let the system itself to maintain independence, will not affect the other models, for developers and users are more light, to facilitate the subsequent upgrade function, so as to realize the more customization. Millet Note2 theme has been on the line yesterday, but want to experience, then you have to have a millet Note2.相关的主题文章: