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[map] exposure Baojun E100 life 100km will be listed in October – Sohu automobile Sohu [new car] before the car spy fox Sohu obtained a set of Po Chun E100 models of the vehicle, the car is a pure electric car, is expected to be officially listed in October 2016. Appearance: Po Chun E100 the overall shape of cute, exaggerated headlight design group, the middle connected by a grille, the bottom is Po Chun LOGO. The new car body using a variety of colors, white body looks very simple, A column and B column with black, while the top also uses a yellow design. Look at the car is also very simple, the taillights wing shape, the middle is connected through the band of light. Interior: new car adopts two seater design, the overall look of the avant-garde, fashion. The overall control looks very simple, the dashboard and the control of large size LCD screen constitutes the theme of the vehicle, a number of simple operation button appears in the control. The steering wheel is also using a two-color design, the car does not use the shift lever of the transmission, but the position design of a knob type mechanism and equipped with electronic handbrake. It is reported that SAIC GM Wuling’s new energy base started construction in August 2015, is expected to formally put into operation in 2016, the E100 will also be on production. Power: we don’t know the details of the car, the car will have reported "performance double 100", namely the speed of 100km h, 100km continued hangda. (Editor: Wang Xiaolei)相关的主题文章: