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Love the city, Dali [eleven] – Autumn debauch – Sohu tourism industry have a saying: the so-called travel, but from a place you are tired, tired of people to another place. Everyone understands, but we will still be in love with someone else. In late autumn, the capital airport T1, delayed nearly two hours of the aircraft, safe landing in Kunming at 2 a.m.. Some observation found that Kunming airport is the most humane place, as long as there is a flight, there will be 25 dollars to the airport bus in the city, unexpectedly save money. Three in the morning, the lights, street train station. Chaozhou congee, barbecue, snacks, surrounding the lively, will have a go at the seven or eight hour after work subway illusion. After a short sleep, catch the nine forty train to Dali. Nine points to go out, after seven minutes to reach the KunMing Railway Station, and then after the heavy security checks, half past nine boarded the train on the three. That’s right, three security checks. First off, whether you are to take a ticket or what is, security first, to enter the square outside the train station; second, ID check and security, this is what we are familiar with the other train station only the screening process, you can close the door of the train station; third, the first two don’t know can you check carefully ah, we again third times, check the baggage and personal security. Finally, congratulations you have passed the ultimate test, into the waiting hall. Reminded to come to Kunming, a small partner, take the train must go to the train station, not more than the number of boarding security procedures. According to Dali Raiders of the 8 bus ride to the passenger transport station, ride to the double corridor car. The 6:20 train, driving distance more than an hour, we still on the way around the WAL-MART 6, rushed to the bus station to see the face of resentment of the driver. Because the Dali car is not according to the departure time, full of people away, while not. On the way, the driver something, we changed to a car, the driver does not feel here to play by the rules. Fortunately, the final destination, unfortunately, it is almost nine in the evening. After breakfast, the hotel will see the car, riding along the lake do not tangle, the only choice is the electric car. It is said that the entire more than and 100 km, the bike to ride a day will be very hard, electric cars can run 30-40 km, but not tired. 30 dollars a day, you can pay attention to electricity. Charging equipment along the way, 10 yuan a time limit. The fall of Dali, along the Erhai riding, looking ahead, all the way is full of blooming Ge Sanghua, very brilliant. In the Tibetan language, "it" is "good time" or "happiness", "plum" is the meaning of flowers, so Ge Sanghua also called happiness. Riding along Erhai, we can see all kinds of fish restaurant in Erhai, should be limited here, not many people, business depression. A lot of people riding on the road, go beat, turtle speed, a lot of beautiful scenery, dizzying. To dig the town is already at noon, just in time to catch up with the market, in addition to moon cake, only know potatoes. The Rice noodles rice do, some taste of houttuynia,.相关的主题文章: