Linyi kill three people confused son father helped to hide the corpse was sentenced to 2 years 6 mon

Linyi: kill three people confused father son to help charnel was sentenced to 6 months in Yinan County, Linyi City, 2 years a man in the know his son after the murder, not only do not report to the public security organs, helping the son to hide the body, the body was buried, recently, the father confused by the local people’s court sentenced to two years and six months prison. In February 24th this year, Yinan County Copper town young man a Ge in the county of a residential rental room will be a comfortable and killed a lover Zhang Ge, after his father to call Ge Mouyi, let his father on the way to the east of the village waiting for him, and the two men together two bodies up to the village of Beishan department and throwing in an abandoned pit in ginger. To deceive the public, Ge Mouyi on the night of the incident from the house and took the basket and shovel, the ginger pit filled. In April 3rd, GE moujia will be driving a red Mazda six car young women from Home Liu cheated out of killing, GE Mouyi copied the last act, the two men together the body in another village in landfill waste ginger pit. After the incident, the local police investigation actively, will soon capture a ge. In May 4th, Ge Mouyi was detained by public security organs suspected of helping to destroy evidence of the crime, in May 18th of the same year, GE Mouyi by the procuratorial organs approved the arrest. Yinan County People’s court held that the defendant Ge Mouyi in that his son killed three people after the charnel tracks, help bury the bodies, normal activities, the act of disrupting the judicial organs of the circumstances are serious, which help to destroy evidence of the crime, hence helping to destroy evidence of the crime, make the verdict. After the verdict, the defendant Ge Mouyi said the suit does not appeal. (Qilu Evening News reporter 1 · Qilu Gao Xiang correspondent Li Jiubiao Jiang Haibo) Qilu point client copyright manuscript, without permission to reprint, the offender will be investigated for legal responsibility according to law.相关的主题文章: