Li Ronghao, Rainie Yang’s new album two love crystal exposure – Beijing shuyue

Li Ronghao, Rainie Yang’s new album "two love crystal" exposure – Beijing, Beijing, September 27, according to Taiwan’s "United Daily News" reported that the new album "Rainie Yang for the first time in charge of the ring", indeed love Li Ronghao back, tailored for her song "audience", and "we". Li Ronghao and Rainie Yang love is hot, Rainie Yang said the new album "ring" has two "the crystallization of love", Li Ronghao to compose the lyrics song "audience", describe and want to get, is not the same thing, that the end of the story, but do not stop in the process and the change of role in the plot becomes perplexing, want to be a spectator but too deep into the drama, always Those closely involved cannot see clearly. "Audience" is to let Rainie Yang stand in the singer sing, each artist talk about love when facing difficulties, is a song for every artist to listen to a song, let the listener can be from a different perspective, the degree of difficulty to re-examine the feelings of. Another song "us" by Li Ronghao as a producer, recording the friendship and never abandon the importance of Li Ronghao and Rainie Yang publiclyprivately perfect tacit cooperation, is called the album eggs.相关的主题文章: