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"Leping 5? 24 rape murder case retrial key evidence allegedly concealed – Sohu news November 22nd, the high court of Jiangxi held a" Leping 5? 24 rape murder case retrial court before the meeting, the hospital will not open court retrial case in November 30th. So far, the case was identified by the court of the 4 murderers have been in prison for 10 years. The 1st (public No.: qianjieyihao) reporter recently learned from authoritative sources, the case has new evidence surfaced: evidence inspection reports show that 5? 24 crime scene found a few pieces of cigarette butts on the DNA from the "self murderer" Fang Linzai the possibility of greater than 99.999999%. The remains of the victim has not yet found JINGWAH Times reported, "Leping 5? 24 rape murder case occurred in 2000, one of the deceased to store emerald supermarket boss Jiang Zecai village in Jiangxi Province, Jingdezhen city in Leping on the morning of May 24, 2000, his body was found in the field in the village of" no day ", the scene and his wife Hao Qiang with blood hairpin, coat, high heels. Huang Quanzheng remember very clearly, the son of Huang Zhiqiang and the people of the village to go to watch the scene, at noon to eat in the house of his father-in-law, and the sound of nonferrous metals analysis, this is definitely for. Two years later, Huang Zhiqiang and the village of Fang Chunping and Cheng root, and Cheng Li have been arrested, and they escaped Wang Shenbing charged with murder. July 7, 2003, the Jingdezhen intermediate people’s Court of First Instance sentenced the 4 defendants to death. The court finds the verdict, the evening of May 23, 2000, Huang Zhiqiang and other 5 people carrying weapons opportunistic crime. 23 o’clock that night, they are "best" path of the field found Jiang Zecai and Hao Qiang, they came to ask for money. Jiang Zecai is not from the dispute, Wang Shenbing knifed in the head Jiang Hao Qiang, Wang Shenbing rushed away, they go to catch up. The remaining 4 people each holding the weapon at the head and the body of Jiang hack, which Chiang died on the spot. Cheng Fagen Jiang from the possession of 5000 yuan mobile phone, etc.. Then 5 people have raped Hao Qiang. For them, Cheng root also found the rope Hao strong neck, the remaining 4 people hold Hao Qiang, Hao Qiang will be strangled, after up to the nearby woods buried for tracks, the next day at noon, 5 people draw knife to decide the order followed by Hao Qiang and mutilated bodies, body parts into a plastic bag to walk around with their dispersal." The 4 people such as Huang Zhiqiang repeatedly in the trial of the case has been collective estoppel, the procuratorial organs to unclear facts, because of lack of evidence, the 4 returned to the public security organ for supplementary investigation. After the indictment, the case that caused widespread concern, there are more than 20 lawyers involved in the past, are not guilty of defense. Jingdezhen City Intermediate People’s court sentenced 4 people to death; after an appeal, the Jiangxi provincial high court believes that the facts are unclear, insufficient evidence for a significant population of around 4 inconsistencies, repeal the judgment and remand for retrial; after the Jingdezhen intermediate people’s court still upheld, 4 people continue to appeal. In May 31, 2006, the Jiangxi Provincial High Court made a final decision, found the verdict of 4 people convicted of crimes committed accurate, legal proceedings. But given the specific circumstances of the case, commuted 4 people to death, suspended for two years.相关的主题文章: