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Legal Daily: reward honesty to punish evil, let the case leading morality – View – original title: sincere reward punish evil, the characteristics that make full use of case leading morality court case to promote the socialist core values, is not only an extension of the trial court functions, also give full play to the individual behavior of legal guidelines, evaluation recently, the role of education, the Supreme People’s Court issued 10 typical cases about promoting the socialist core values, from different angles of family virtue, social morality, public order and good customs, friendly cooperation, honesty, integrity, honest and law-abiding litigation, embodies the criterion of value goal, value orientation, value of socialist core values. Vice director of Research Office of the supreme law Guo Feng said in an interview with reporters, to deepen the disciplinary construction of the linkage mechanism, increase the intensity and scope of a sincere punish evil ", to promote cross industry credit information sharing across sectors, and promote a sound social credit system, so that the integrity of their talent shows itself so that dishonesty, can’t do anything (August 23rd" Legal Daily "). Law is the lowest level of morality, and the law has the function of guiding, evaluating and educating people’s behavior. The connotation of socialist core values is to promote good morality, all violations of the law must deviate from the moral standard, which determines the court case to legal norms, authority and justice to the interpretation of moral cost, especially can give full play to the court departments to establish a joint multi disciplinary linkage the utility of the mechanism. Any illegal crimes are starting from the lack of personal moral qualities, good morals can lead more people to obey the moral, illegal and criminal acts will decrease, instead if there is moral suffer, but those gains trample on the moral phenomenon, so the whole society will have some people gradually deviate from the moral law crime. Good social morality is the law of the protection of the wall, so that morality is always in front of the law. The court case has been able to lead the social morality, in particular, the author believes that there are three main factors: first, the court case with facts speak. Leading morality education must be an empty slogan, having substance in speech, provocative rhetoric is difficult to touch the social public mind. The court case is made in accordance with the rules of evidence judgment, vivid facts let people feel very close to life, naturally have a very strong sense of substitution. Read the court can make people feel these things took place in the side, well-known figures, real events have very strong realistic. With the fact that the legal system has always been an important means of propaganda, the offender should bear the legal responsibility, the performance of the responsibility is to touch the interests of the interests of the case touched the soul must be able to touch the soul. Secondly, the court case is more authoritative. The court case is an authoritative decision which is based on the judicial power, and its authority is much higher than the general news events or folk stories. If the main body of education leads to a lack of authority, it is difficult to convince whatever it is, that is to say)相关的主题文章: