Kingsoft board of directors said Jinshan CFO Wu Yuqiang alleged bribery case has nothing to do with ca1835

Kingsoft board said Kingsoft CFO Wu Yuqiang alleged bribery case has nothing to do with the company Sina Technology News on September 9th news, Kingsoft (03888.HK) announced that the board of directors of Wu Yu Qiang Jinshan confirmed allegations has nothing to do with the business of the group. The Board believes that the allegations will not have any significant negative impact on the group’s operations. Jinshan board learned from Wu Yu Qiang, the accused is Wu Yuqiang to a customer identity in a consumer dispute in. Based on Wu Yuqiang’s performance over the past four years, we believe in his integrity and professionalism in the past four years. After the news, Kingsoft chief financial officer (CFO) suspected of providing $thirty thousand in bribes to a jewelry line employee Wu Yuqiang two years ago, to bring him a value of nearly eight hundred thousand yuan of diamond ring returned, for allegedly violating the prevention of Bribery Ordinance ", by the ICAC prosecution, and will be held today in Hongkong Kowloon City magistrates court to reply. It is understood that Wu Yuqiang is the chief financial officer of listed companies Kingsoft (CFO), officially joined in July 15, 2012. Prior to joining Kingsoft, The Stock Exchange of HongKong Limited listed as the main pharmaceutical companies in China Ling Ling Pharmaceutical Group Co., Ltd. executive director, CFO and company secretary. Over 20 years of experience in financial management, corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions. (Jian Yu)相关的主题文章: